It was just like any other morning. As always i was in a dilema as to what should be my course of action for the day. That day i had to decide whether to go for the test match at the Braburne between India & Sri-Lanka or go to dad’s office which i had just recently joined.Well i went ahead with the former. Ever since i had started watching and following cricket i wished to go and see a match in the stadium. I cld nt live my dream till this day coz i din get the right company and since i am an albino i was pretty sure mujhe kuch dikhega nahin. That did turn out to be true but my decision was defi rite and i had a great time.

I left home all excited and happy wearing the Indian team jersey and met my frnd outside the stadium. The others had gone inside to catch hold of good seats so dat we get a good view. Crossed the ticket checking lines and der it was , in front of my eyes- one of mumbai’s oldest stadium. the green cover , the brown stretch in the centre, the players practisin….. WOW what a sight.It was a weekday and still the stadium was almost packed. We were in the north stand and possibly amongst the best set of ppl.

Viru and dravid were on the crease. Very early in the day the most disappointing thig happened, Sehwag fell on 294, 6 short of his third triple century.Shortly Dravid also got out and i was a lil disappointed as he is my fav player. The pace of the game slowed down but our fun n excitement levels were high. We chanted slogans like ” jeetega bhai jeetega India jeetega, ” North stand mein accha kaun, hum log hum log.” etc etc. On the count of 10 all hands were up in the air n the mexican wave was in full swing. The atmosphere was enthralling. Energy levels were high .

There were a few interesting characters with us. One of dem was an uncle who has been seeing all the matches played in mumbai since 1992. He was a live wire. He got us all on our feet. He got us to sing various songs and a hilarious slogan which went like ” laare liya laeyo haiyo haiyo.” There was dis another fellow who was an absolute rockstar. He went rite from the north stand to the other end and got everyone to do a synchronised Mexican wave. Aawesomeee it was. Never had had such an experience before.

In the last session the match became interesting. Wickets were falling but Dhoni kept on piling runs. Accompanied by the lower order batsman he hit a straight six down the ground to reach his 100 and den declared the innings. The last 3-4 overs of the day we were all up on our feet and screamin at every delivery bowled by India.

We sang the national anthem all through the day. It was a great feeling for me. I had always loved watchin and supporting team India but dat was always on TV. Never before had I gone to a stadium and witnessed a live match. It was a completely different emotion.

The match ended and i came home remembering every single moment of the day. It was my first and the best encounter with a cricketing ground and the splendor and passion attached to the game.The day will always be one of my cherished memories…


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