I had just come back from a mini vacation at Devlali that evening. While I was sleeping that night my cell phone beeped and it was a message from my friend Nishant “ Dimpi, Ruchi and U have got cleared the MET entrance test and have got admission.” It was way pass midnight and I thought he was joking. Next morning I checked it for myself and yes Nishant was not joking. It was true, I had finally got admission in an MBA institute. Immediately I called my other friends and we were really happy and relieved.

Within a month or so say in about mid July college started. Dimpi and I were in the same course while Ruchi was in the same college but in the MMS course. The first month was the best time I had in MET. It was a roller coaster ride. We were a batch of 180 and divided into groups of 10 for our task force assignment (come up with a business plan). During this time met many new and interesting people and also bumped into a few acquaintances. My group secured 2nd position in the event. Then we had an outbound trip to Uttan. I made some really close friends really fast in this time. (Silvan, Ritika, Shruti, Shweta Yash, and Devika).The memories of going to candies, FirangiPani, Band Stand are still fresh in my mind.

Sometime in August our actual lectures started and we were all separated and in different divisions. I was in A DIV or I should rather say the G DIV. It was called so because 90% students in the class were Guajarati’s. Soon we were a gang of friends (Bhavin, Hardik, Fenil, Chintan, Dimpi, Devika ,Zeenal n Me). Yes we attended lectures but did we pay attention, nahhhhh. We were either chit chatting or playing hangman in class. When out of class we were in the recreation centre, playing carom- our favourite pass time. We frequently visited U-Turn (Restaurant) where all our demands, Hukka for Fenil, Booze for Hardu and Bhavin, and jain food for Dimps an me were met.

On a personal front I did everything which I had never done before in my college life. Talking in class, being caught, playing games, not paying attention and also dosing off during lectures. On a positive side I interacted with a lot more people then I had earlier, participated in a MET COMBAT (debate competition), became a part of the core committee of MET VAULT (wall journal) and was a part of the creative committee of MET UTSAV.

Time flew by with exams projects an Industrial Visit to Aurangabad (an ultimate fun trip) and I was in my second year. Our gang was also divided into marketing and finance class. Projects, presentations, lectures and assignments dint matter much now. Neither the professors nor the students were interested. Eating in class, trading of movies, gossiping was what we all enjoyed. Coming to college had become a time pass activity. 3rd semester exams were like never before. i barely studied and actually went for a movie (with Rahul) 4 hours before the paper.

As the end of the semester came close placements started occupying our minds. As on today close to 25 people have been placed and the rest are trying their luck. Now i am in the final phase of my MBA and am just waiting for it to end and move out to face the real challenges of life.


3 thoughts on “JAB WE MET

  1. I agree with Nishant, awesome blog and this is the first full blog I have read..lols nishant….bhaks you could have written more abt the stuff happened in 2nd and 3rd sem and how are profs were…on the whole it was pretty good

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