Hey folks… I guess one blog on MET was not enough to showcase our exciting experiences. So on public demand here’s another one to relive those numerous happy, hilarious and embarrassing moments.

The latest one that comes to mind is the incident involving FENIL and the series Entourage. It so happened that all of us (Bhavin, Dimps, Hardu and me) had gone to Sai Sagar for snacks. Fenil joined in a little later and we were talking about the TV series Entourage. He was pretty lost and we decided to have some fun at his expense.We told him Ento is a hot gal from the junior batch. An entire story involving her and Hardu was cooked up. We told him that her mom was from Poland and dad from India and hence the name. We went to the extent of discussing hardu and Ento’s wedding. How will their families react, how will their kids turn out to be etc etc. I can’t believe Fenil actually fell for our story. We were rolling with laughter. Ultimately Hardu told him the truth but the fun was not over. Till date memories of this incident make us laugh and I ‘m sure the concerned people are laughing even right now while reading this.

Another one of such incidents again involves Fenil but this time he was not alone, Chintan was his companion in giving us yet another story to laugh on. Both of them were at Bandra Station getting back home from college. On the bridge they saw this man selling a mobile phone worth 50 bucks. No smart and educated person would actually consider buying such a thing, but they did. Seeing a large no. Of people around that man selling the mobile they were convinced that they are making probably the best deal of their life. Extremely elated with their purchase both of them opened their mobile boxes and much to their surprises found dummy phones. (Hahahahaha) Embarrassed at their act of stupidity they decided not to tell any of us about it but unluckily for them Dimps happened to call Fenil at that time and it was no more hidden.

Chintan was a part of one more such story. I too was a part of this one. Our 2nd semester exams were on and as usual both of us left early for college. We were travelling in the train when this very talented salesman was selling a pen which when used to write on paper is invisible but then when the paper is burnt a little or put in water the written part is clearly visible. We were kind a fascinated and decided to buy since it was worth just 20 Rs. We actually got down at Mahim instead of Bandra to buy the pen. When we tried using the pen later it dint work and obviously we were laughed at.

Karaoke-a part of MET Utsav was something all of us were a part of but Bhavin definitely stole the show. We all choose songs of our choice and must say performed miserably. Chintan actually rehearsed the lyrics of his song in the music world. The performance worth remembering was that of Bhavin. He had selected the fast paced Dekha Na Hai Re. The lyrics flashed on the screen but he never really managed to be in sync. In spite of that he sang with all his heart and everybody in the audience joined him. God knows how but he scored a 100 on 100.We all had a gala time.

I can go on and on writing about many more incidents involving not only us but my entire class. Keep following the blog to know more. In the meanwhile guys feel free to add incidents and occurrences. We can all definitely share a good laugh.


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