How It All Began???

This would be my 4th post in a span of 20 days and as I am writing this one I have come to realize how much I love to pen down my thoughts.

It all began on a casual day during my schooling. If I can correctly remember, I was in the seventh grade when I wrote my first poem on My School. Back then I didn’t even know what writing meant to me. (I mean at that age just about anyone could have written a poem out of fun and excitement.) Anyways it was a decent attempt to kick off things.

Gradually with passing time I started writing more frequently. I wrote poems about friends, friendship etc etc…. The word about my flair for writing spread around in school and I was asked to participate in some inter school competition, which I did. During that event I wrote a poem on Deafening noise of silence. I must confess it was a tough topic to write on. Sadly I did not win but did manage to a decent job. One competition where I did win the first prize was an intra school event amongst the houses. My choice of topic that time was Funny Side of Cricket. That was probably why I won because I was and still am a diehard Cricket fan. My tally of poems kept increasing with topics like Lonely girl, Natural beauty, Photographs, Coca-Cola to name a few. Good- Bye was my last poem of the school days which I wrote during our farewell. I read it out on the intercom and it was heard by the entire school. Quiet an emotional moment it was and it felt really good.

Moving into college I started writing a lot more frequently. With every poem I wrote I got a inexplicable sense of satisfaction and happiness. In due course of time writing was no longer only my hobby but it became my passion. I really started enjoying it. I wrote poems on various topics like Halcion Dayz, A Silver Path, Memories,The Rain Has Arrived, Peace of Mind, Colours of life, Buddisland being my favourite . (A glimpse of my Junior college life with my Best Pals)

Initially I always thought rhyming sentences put together made up a poem but I was wrong. As I started writing more and more i realised its not the rhyme but framing meaningful sentences out of carefully choosen words that is needed. My poems never had any particular pattern but one thing I noticed was that majority of the times my poems were based on glum and depressing situations. (Situations I personally faced at that point in time). This fact really bothered me as I felt I could not create anything cheerful, but not anymore. Only recently I was told by a friend that expressing yourself when you’re happy is normal but doing the same when you are in pain is difficult. It made me feel really good and positive.

In the recent past I have tried my hand at writing articles as well.

Writing for me has always been a medium to express myself. It has been about bringing out my emotions, about creating a separate identity for me. Blogging is a means with which I hope to put across my ideas, opinions and share my experiences with the readers.


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