A Girl Gext Door

It was a fairly bright Sunday morning. Light breeze coming in from the balcony caused the strands of hair from her face to move away gently. Being a holiday Anjali woke up a little late then normal at about 10.00 am. Lazily she went about her daily routine of newspaper and breakfast. She spent the next few hours catching up with her parents and making plans for the evening with her friends.

She had a nice family lunch of Rotla N Dal (Sunday food) which was a weekly affair. Over lunch the family spoke about Anjali’s college, her dad’s business, family matters etc etc…. Discussing the latest bollywood flick was another thing that the family always did. She then helped her mom with cleaning and tidying up the table and kitchen.

By the time afternoon set in Anjali had nothing much to do. Her parents had gone off to sleep and she all by herself. She avoided sleeping in the noon. To kill time she surfed the TV for a bit but the idiot box had nothing much to offer and so she started reading a book. She loved sitting by her balcony window and reading. The breeze picked up a little and Anjali covered herself with her favourite shawl. Every now and then her long wavy hair would fly across her face and she neatly tucked them behind her ears. She loved the feel of the breeze blowing through her hair and face. It made her feel fresh. After reading for a while she gossiped on phone with her friends and had a good laugh over it.

The balcony of her house was sea facing and she kept on looking and admiring the water for some time. At the same time She took a green colour nail paint (which she has just purchased 2 days back) and started applying it. She being right handed could apply it well on her left hand but not so properly on the other one.

It was 4.00 pm by then and she had a quick brunch. She got dressed in her favourite denims and a green top to match her nail paint. Before meeting her friends Anjali went to the church close to her house. This was something she did every Sunday since past 5 years. The visit made her calm and gave her peace of mind. At around 6 pm she met her gang at their hang out place (Cafe Coffee Day). She chilled with them, sang songs, played silly games, gossiped about college, hogged on yummy food, went for a drive to Worlii sea face. In short she had a fun evening with her friends and was back home by 10 pm.

Last few hours in the day Anjali spent deciding her next days plan. She again read her book for a while, surfed the internet and chatted for a bit. It was midnight and her eyes were tired now ready for a good sleep. She gave a good night kiss to her mom and cozied up in her bed. Before closing her eyes she made a silent prayer to god and thanked him for giving her a wonderful life.


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