Sex Selective Abortions

A girl being born in the family was never considered an auspicious moment in the olden times. The situation has not undergone a drastic change even in the modern era. A minuscule percentage of people gleefully accept a girl child with open arms but even today majority of the families in rural India and a large chunk even in urban India kill the girl child as soon as she is born.

Sex selective abortions (Giving preference to male child over female) are a major issue which privileged people like us fail to understand but the numbers speak for themselves. 90 % of the foetuses aborted in the past few years have been reported to be girls. What could the reason be for such a crime to be committed year after year for centuries? It is not just economic factors or cultural beliefs alone but a combination of these that lead to killing of female child and give preference to males. Lack of education, the age old dowry system, the notion that a boy will help to earn a living and support parents when wrinkles will cross their foreheads are other reasons why girls have always been considered as a burden on the family. The boy girl ratio has always been in favour of the former and the prime reason for that is female infanticide.

Life is a struggle for a girl child as soon as she is born. In olden days when technology was not at its developing peak as soon as it was found that the child born is a girl and not a boy she was either killed or abandoned by her parents in a garbage bin or outside a place of worship. Now with technologies like ultrasound the gender of the foetus is determined even before the child is born and if it’s a girl the foetus is aborted at that stage itself. What a pity it is that on one hand people worship female forms as deities and on the other hand the same set of people kill a child if born as a girl.

T V shows like Balika Vadhu, Na aana iss Desh meri lado and similar such shows portray this plight of women where if the daughter in law gives birth to a girl, the mother in law and even the husband abandon the child and the mother as if she has committed a crime for which she gets not capital punishment or life imprisonment but to live in a society who blame her life long for an act as wonderful as giving birth to a innocent child. These shows do bring out the past of Indian culture and educate todays youth but the major audience being house wives and women of old age who are not educated it somewhere fails to craete a positive impact.

Yes India as a nation has progressed, conditions of women have also improved , the boy girl ratio has improved but round the country in small nooks and corner which if taken together form a larger part of the nation giving birth to a girl child is considered a sin.

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