2 days back when I was reading the editorial page of times of India I came across this article called ‘Cherish your aloneness. “It basically spoke about how one comes alone in this world and one should learn to live and be happy alone. Two or three definitely makes company but that is just a means of time pass. It is only when you spend time with oneself that you realize who you are and identify your true self.

In life we all go through various phases and situations and at every point we come across new acquaintances and meet new people. Some are there with us since childhood, some become close friends on the way and some others are left behind with time. With a special person we decide to spend our whole lives and some others we just don’t feel like seeing after the first time. In all the above, we tend to build strong emotional bonds with people who at one point in time did not matter to us even a bit. Yet with passing years they become an imperative part of our lives.

The emotions we develop, the feelings we build either make us strong or turn out to be our biggest weakness. It wholly and solely depends on how one can control his/her sentiments and not drift away with the tide. It is very easy to get attached to a person but equally difficult to let go.

Personally I feel being alone most of the time is not the way to go. Every individual needs to be around people. Everyone needs a hand to hold on, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to lean upon. Everyone needs someone to be there by his/her side. But one should realize that one’s life is his/ her own and by emotionally clinging onto someone he/she lets go off that control. It is extremely important for one to have not less than 51% hold on his/her life.

Life is a short and wonderful journey and each one of us have to enjoy it. It is ideal to have company but if not that should not stop one from living life to the fullest because it is the individual who decides whether to cry about not having a companion or cherish one ‘ s aloneness and make the most of it.



hiiiiiiiiii…… i am. back after a 3 n a half month hiatus.The gap has been quiet a long one. Have faced a lot of personal as well as professional ups and downs I have now completed my studying and am an MBA. Sounds pretty cool but the job hunting has driven me nuts. Have given umpteen interviews but not a single positive result. In the mean time i started going to my dad’s office on a regular basis. Simultaneously took up a lot of other activities. Started gyming, wrote artcles for an online magazine, an article for a magazine called V-rebel, planned an Alaska cruise with family( in july), enjoyed some awesomeee outings with friends etc etc.

I celebrated one of my best b days or rather i should say b day weektill date. Was out the entire day with friends,got a new digi cam and cell phone as giftss.Also got a huge teddy( somethin i wanted always) A truly wonderful day it was. Went for a 2 day matheran trip and had loads of funn.IPL was on during this period and i went to D Y Patil stadium to see the final match. It was an unforgettable experience for meee. I was jussss dyingggg to see a match in this stadium and that day my dream came trueee. The noise and the colours that filled the ground cannot be found any where eles.

May came and with increased the summer heat and soo did my frustartion. Almost got a job and then lost itt. With every passing day i started to become more and more dull, Started to worry about unnecessary things , got worked up and irritated on small small things. Througfh all this alos felt very lonely as people around me got busy with their own stuff. Every day became same and monotonous, nothing new to look forward too. Went through many mood swings and was quiet cluesless about how to deal with the circumstances.

Well now over the past few days climate in mumbai has become a little pleasant and my mood is getting back to normal. This weekend definitely helped lift my spirits. Had a pretty joyous weekend after a long long timeee. Saw about 5 movies in 3 dayss. But saturday night at AER with abunch of friends was the high point. Roof top view of the city @ 1.00 am with free unlimited booze just made my weekend worthwhile….. and lastly i made chocolate. jusss yummmm

So here i am . back not with a bang but a hope to change the atmosphere and situations around me, to more happier and cheerful ones.

P.S. Thanks to all my friends for making possible and creating the happy memories.