Ohhh!!! I love rains

Early morning i wake up and glance outside the window
black clouds fill the sky and there’s lightning
I look outside and enjoy the breeze onto my face
Stretch my arms and feel the water droplets on my palms

it starts to pour heavily and i go and get wet
Enjoying every drop that touches my skin
humming sweet melodious songs , tapping my feet along
Remembering nothing else just enjoying my time in the rains

Eating bhutta and green chana on the roadside
Purposely not carrying an umbrella or Windcheater
Waiting for every chance to get drenched
Walking through the puddles and splashing water

Letting my hair loose and the water drip
Feeling the chill, sipping on the hot tea
listening to soft romantic tunes fill my ears
Ohhh!!! I absolutely love the rains.