Peepli Live

In one of his interviews Aamir Khan bluntly pointed out that he did not like the movie BLACK because Mr. Amitabh Bacchan is shown slapping a small child and that sends across a very wrong message. Well, Mr. Aamir Khan seems to have forgotten this before creating his latest Bollywood flick-Peepli Live.

Being an Aamir Khan Production movie I personally expected a lot from the movie. When i first heard that the movie is based on the life of a poor farmer called Nattha and how the government schemes help him pay his land loans , I admit i was very excited to see it but the movie totally failed to live up to my expectations.

The plot is based in a small village Peepli where a poor farmer lives with his family. He is unable to collect the funds required to repay his land related loan. The bank tells him that his property will be auctioned. Inspite of trying all means Nattha and his elder brother are unable to make arrangements for the funds. From the local talk around he learns that if he commits suicide his family will get 1,00,000Rs. Left with no other option this is what Nattha decides to do.
An ambitious local reporter sends this news to a top news channel and one after the other all come to Peepli to get the footage of this event. They create an issue of the mole creating a carnival kind of atmosphere outside Nattha s home.Poor Nattha is terrified of the situation and manages to escape somehow.In the end his family gets no compensation. During this hoopla another farmer dies and the event goes unnoticed.

The movie has definitely brought out the real life scenario on screen but the story sends across a very straight forward negative message to the farmers. If you are in debt, commit suicide and the government will compensate your family with a lakh rupees.Helpless and poor farmers burdened by family pressure and the pressure to save their ancestral land sacrifice their lives leaving their family behind. While making the movie the concerned people should have remembered that no matter at what pace India is moving towards industrialization, Agriculture is still our mainstay and farmers backbone.

Another aspect highlighted in the movie is crude reality of Indian media. It is well known fact that media professionals go to any extent to create a story and use even a tiny bit of unnecessary information to create breaking sensational news. Just to increase their Tr P’s over other channels they ignore the truth and run behind spicy and juicy information.This is exactly what is shown in the movie.

The movie is a great reflection of the harsh reality faced by Indian farmers and how media personnel and politicians exploit their helpless situation and innocence for their own selfish interest. The movie for me should have been made in a more entertaining manner as it feels like watching a news channel. Lastly the message which the movie proposes to send is very nice and also necessary but should have been done so in a more positive manner.


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