CWG- Finally on the wayyy

Today3rd October 2010 is the day when the prestigious COMMONWEALTH GAMES finally kicked off at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Every Indian would have felt proud when this chance was bestowed upon India , but do we all fell the same any more???
This question should have never come up had the preparations and the build up to the event not been as messy as it has been. First and foremost the time deadlines in completing the games village were far from met. In fact until last week the arrangements were not as required. The living conditions can best be described as pathetic. The rooms were not clean enough. Stray dogs were found on the beds. There were stains and spit marks found around the place, unclean bedsheets etc etc. Worst of all a walk over bridge just collapsed and caused many casualties.
Well whatever happened is the past now. Now that the games have begun today, its time to cheer along and support them. Yes, its been quite humiliating and shameful till today but now we all Indians should get up and with a positive spirit back not only the Indian contingent but the games as a whole to salvage some lost pride.

One thought on “CWG- Finally on the wayyy

  1. Well all's well that ends well….Its safe to say now that people assigned to do the job were not perfect and never will be…the irony is that these are the same ppl who are assigned to build up the F1 track as well….lets hope common sense prevails and they are out before any questions are raised over INDIA again…Jiyo..badho..jeeto….LETS GO

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