Education, in todays scenario is an Indispensable necessity.We all having grown up as individuals who can read and write are privileged to have been given an opportunity by our parents to attend a school and learn. But has any one of us thought about the not so privileged children , the unreached, child labourers , migrant children or those who require special attention.Can you imagine yourself facing linguistic, financial, geographic, social or any other problem owing to which you could have been denied even basic elementary Education.( Scary Thought, isn’t it?)

In 2009, Government of India passed the RTE Act -Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education. Under this act each and every child between the age of 6 to 14 years of age is entitled to basic elementary education at a nearby school without having to borne any direct and indirect cost. It requires private schools to reserve 25% seats for poor children. Also no child can be forced to give up studies or pass a board examination before completing elementary level education.

This act launched by the government has bought about lot of improvement. For instance 99% of habitation has access to primary school within 1 km and 92 % upper primary school within 3 %. The enrollment proportion of children from Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) in schools has gone up considerably to 20% and 11% respectively. Talking about facilities and arrangements of classrooms, furniture, drinking water, toilets etc the act has ensured that the standards are raised and meet the requirement. Both quality and number of staff all across these schools are maintained. Under the act over 1 Million new and untrained teachers have been trained to ensure that the quality of education does not suffer. 

The Act may have bought about a leap frog improvement but the goal is far from achieved.As many as 8 million children have not been enrolled in schools as yet.The percentage of out of school children in large states like UP, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa etc remain a cause of concern.Many children from SC and ST drop out from Upper Primary level leading to stagnated growth.The hygiene and sanitation facilities have improved but many schools still do not have separate toilets for girls. All these factors though minute are extremely imperative and have to be given attention to.

These young children are the future not only of India but the whole big World. UNICEF has started a campaign called AWAAZ DO to achieve the goal of 100 % literacy for the world. This goal will most definitely be unaccomplished if India is not made a part of it, in fact India would be a major contributor to it. We the citizens of India and this world have our own personal lives and a zillion things to do everyday. Understandably so we cannot devote much effort and time to this cause but we can surely support individuals and organisations working towards this motive. As responsible  citizens we owe this to the future of our society. 

Just by spreading awareness you can make a start and a significant contribution.I might be a little late but i have taken a tiny step forward. Join me.


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