At Times all U Need is a Friend

On a Sunday evening when you are sitting alone in your living room, mind not at peace due to various reasons all you close your eyes and wish for is a friend to be beside you.  A friend who can just listen to all the nonsense you have to say and comfort you. A friend who can assure you all will be okay.
It’s not just about sticking together in sad or difficult times; even to make a simple day joyous and fun filled all you need is a friend. Watching a movie or doing a small thing that both enjoy would make the moment memorable. At the end of a long tiring day a 5 min talk with a friend just completes the day. It acts as a reassuring factor that someone cares for you.
Even when you want to do the craziest things and go all out all you can think of is a friend. A friend who will know that its the stupidest thing but will still not question you or stop you instead just do it along with you and make it even crazier and something to remember your entire life.
A friend who can give you a caring hug when chips are down, one who’s smiles and makes you believe faith is still there, A friend whose simple words just lift your spirit, one who covers up for your mistakes and also corrects you when necessary, one who comes up with a solution for all your problems, one who comprehends your silence and lets you be, one who can make you laugh and can also irritate you, one who accompanies you all the time , one who protects but is not possessive , one who you can be with and be the person you are. One who is just there and listens.
We all have such a friend. It just so happens that situations and circumstances force them to act differently than we expect them to. They want to be there but just can’t help. Over a period of time may be the touch is lost and there are a few hiccups but its never the end. It is nobody’s fault and both have their reasons. In such situations  don’t hesitate to take a step forward  and ask for a helping hand because at times all you need is a friend and life becomes just as wonderful as it was.
P.S. Dedicated to all  my friends who have been and are a part of my life.

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