BOMB-BAY …… A Yearly affair

  Once again the financial capital of India was rocked with 3 bomb blasts on 13th July 2011. This would be the umpteenth number of times that the city has had to breathe in the black smoke of the explosives, planted in by some brainless dumb fools to seek revenge.
   Even before the Aftermath of the event is realized, Mumbaikars are up and running on their feet. It’s like the tremors are a part a parcel of their lives, they come and go just like visits by guests. Is this really the case or is it that people really have no choice. The pace and pattern of living has left common man with no choice but to get back to work almost immediately. Work truly is considered worship here.
Terrorist Attacks, bomb blasts , high or low intensity , in trains , on streets or in public places, lack luster prolonged action by the authorities concerned has all become a habit. However scared people feel after blasts in the trains, however dampened their spirits are after the shock, they fight it out and next day are running for the same 7.15 am local to reach work on time.
Whether this attitude is considered positive spirit or whether it is a no other option situation doesn’t matter. What matters is that these blasts continue to rock Mumbai since two decades and more and there seems to be no stopping the affairs. Whether the authorities are taking some concrete action is not that important as the fact that common people are being injured and killed.
Every year we loose our fellow citizens to these irrational events. Lots of families weep.Even though the loss is immense and the void cannot be filled, this attitude of mumbaikars has helped them to hold the fort strong against these meaningless acts.

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