The White’s Demand- Equality not Sympathy

………They say beauty lies within and that outer appearance is secondary, but this hold true for each and every human alive, “i don’t think so.”  Until the past couple of years i had no idea what major problems are faced by albinos across India and across the globe. I was not even aware as to how many albinos exist and what is their condition in different parts of the world.  Being an albino myself i was not aware that albinism ha various types levels and degrees all which have different characteristics.

I came across the organisation Albinism group of India on possible the best social networking platform of the modern times, Facebook. this is where i learnt about all of the above and much more. Till this point I knew no other albinos apart from my siblings. This is where I spoke to a lot of other albinos and got to know o their problems pains  and also about a lot of successful albinos.

Even though i am an albino i have never really faced any discrimination in my social circle. If anything strangers and locals walking pass me call me a foreigner and are amazed at my competence to converse in fluent Hindi. but over the past 2 years i have learned that this is not the case everywhere. A lot of us whites( or bhura people) as we are referred to by the common public have faced and a lot of injustice and discrimination in our past and are continuing to face problems even in the ever advancing society. A large number of people are unaware as to what albinism is and if b any chance they have heard the term, that’s the  point where we can put a full stop to their knowledge on the topic.

All I want is for the society and its inhabitants  to know what albinism is  and give albinos an equal chance. If this happens I can assure that there will be less discrimination, as  non albino s  will realize  that our normalcy are at a level matching to theirs. the Only thing different is our Skin colour. My family, friends and colleagues who know me will definitely second my opinion…….

All we ask for is equality and no sympathy.

Yes our skin colour is white.                       

But In winters we too shiver.                         

And our clothes also get soaked in rain.. 

Yes we have to stain our eyes.                                                     

But to us also the sky is blue and grass green.                                                               

Yes our skin gets sun burns.                                

But others also get a tan.                          

We also get ranks in our class.                 

And medals on sports day.                          

We can also perform a stage show in college.                                                           

And cam start our own company.                                                                          

Then y do People see us differently n      

Y are we  treated  differently.                         

Like its a disease we have..                         

We albinos are also the creations of all mighty.                                                          

 We are a symbol of pure beauty


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