B Berries & I Phones- Communication Bridge or Gap???

   ….. to ring the bell or shout through the window to call out someone seems like an act of the past now.   The new knock is the 4 letter word PING. You Ping a person and they open the door to welcome you with a broad smile.

We owe this change in the face of communication to the smart phones that have over night turned the way we talk. Calling a person and having a tete- a- tete  either out of boredom or for any real work has reduced drastically. Everybody prefers a chat on BBM or on Whats App. This holds true even for very close friends and family, calling whom was a reason for joy earlier. The advanced features and applications these phones provide have become a new language altogether. Display pictures and status messages are updated by many the instant something good or bad happens in their life. Immediately the world knows your mental state of affairs. You are either very happy or sulking. The extent to which these convenient message services are used has surpassed casual conversations. An attempt to solve  problem of every and any nature is made using these messengers. What is overlooked is the fact that the tone and voice of the person conveying a message via these is not  audible. Hence, under most circumstances the message is misinterpreted or misunderstood creating rather awkward situations.

Even when we are out with a bunch of friends or family most of the time most of us are staring into the screen of our mobiles like some fortune is going to pop out of it and fall into our laps. There seems to be some invisible glue which keeps us attached to the phones 24 by 7. It would be safe to say that a lot of us sleep with our phones next to our pillows and check it several times in the night for a PING from a friend.

Obviously like any other thing in the world smart phones too has Pros. They have made the world a smaller place by making it possible to talk to people on the go. They have also helped us get in touch with long-lost friends and acquaintances. With access to emails  and  documents on our finger tips,corporate life has picked up pace. Exchange of pictures, files , information via these devices is easy. One can also advertise using features of the phones . From a professional point of view , yes these are benefits but because of these one always has to stay on his/her toes. To differentiate and a draw a line between personal and professional life is getting next to impossible.Thanks to these small communication dynamites, work tensions are not released even on a holiday.

So for me they are a bridge cause as much fun it may be to update sexy catchy photos and update status messages  nothing can be better than sitting with a friend or  the now rare 3 hour mid night phone call.


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