A page from our book

Slight  tilt of a pen
& a string of thoughts flow when.
Our minds awaken
Awaken to words from within
Meanings and emotions deepen.
expressions mingle.
We look for the correct ones to fit in.
To ink on paper what our heart is brewing
Bring to the surface
Our subconscious being
What we feel right now or anything deep hidden.
Gradually words join and combine
Into sensible sentences
It has an effect soothing
Soothing and satisfying
Somehow it calms down the turbulence within
The impatience settles in
Giving a certain kind of relief
A let out through a tiny opening
A tale untold
Now out there for strangers to seep in
To experience our mood swings
Read one piece of our mind
Some think its rubbish, with few our thoughts sync in.
Praise n criticism, we take it all in
Cause to you it may appear it is written for you
But it is to tell you what you otherwise cant listen
Let our words always do the talking.
Write to our heart’s content
For under any circumstance it keeps us smiling
Keep the writer within alive and breathing.


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