Just one of those days

It begins with a sun rise
Just like any other day.
From our beds we arise.
looking forward to today.

Get set go we step outside
Something doesn’t feel right and you don’t know why
Negative elements pop up in the mind inside
No matter how hard you try, they don’t say good-bye.

The day wears along
Every hour a long glum irritable one
You make an effort, but today you aren’t strong
The pace of the day has tricked you, you just can’t run.

Your mind is wandering far away
Thinking about things it shouldn’t think
Nothing can seep in, not even a tiny light ray
Sitting idle, sinking deep in the stink.

Talking to others, you just don’t feel like
Talking to oneself also fails
Earlier too, you have had days alike
Feels like you are caught in a torturous jail.

Deep down you know its jus one of those days
Dark and devious, set to put you off track
A difficult one, but it will fade away.
Sleep over it and it will hit the ground, smack….


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