The girl.
Over so many million years
has grown & groomed
Outdone & overpowered
Beyond limits.
Yet for so many million reasons
She is still crippled.
By the stunted mentality
Of not just the male society
But many a women too.
Hypocrite ideologies
Weigh down her dreams.
In the name of values and traditions
She has to abide by illogical rules
Unwise and inappropriate it is
The elders say,so she has to
confine to boundaries of the home.
Sacrifice and compromise
Her prime duties and responsibilities.
Has the freedom to explore
But can’t open her wings to the fullest.
To step outside is okay
If she is a homemaker too.
Lechers lurking out on roads
Stare at her with lustful eyes.
Has to think twice
Before donning a certain attire.
Today also for equal treatment
She has to raise her voice
With no guarantee to get it.
Shameful injustice
But such is nature of the world
And such is the fate of women
Suppressed and subdued.


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