What is that we want from life? What is that we live for? All of us have our own separate dreams and all of us choose our own separate ways. Some of us select the high way in the hope to fly our way up there and some others take the long hard walk. In the end we all want to reach our destination.

It is easy for none as each one of us leave behind what we started with. We leave behind the people that encouraged us to pursue the dream, to live for it and most importantly we leave behind ourselves. In our effort to fulfill those dreams we transform into people we never thought we could become.

It is a path strewn with thorns and we feel the pain like we never have because we decided to leave the hand of the one that loved us and walk alone. If and when we do turn around we stare at a huge mountain of things we have lost. More often than not we overlook the simple things like friendship, love, and care to get power fame and money.

These are one kind of people. There is a second kind for whom relations are the topmost priority. They too chase after their dream but they are also prepared to share their dream with their beloved and become a part of the beloved’s dream. They are prepared to wait a tad bit longer to get there but not to get there at the cost of the loved ones. At times they are even prepared to give up their dream as well if circumstances demand.

Theory says that the second kind would be the happier lot but that may not necessarily be true. These people may loose the respect of those around because they gave up on their dream. Not many can spot and appreciate the sacrifices they make so that the other could do well and move ahead.  They too end up loosing the individual they were to begin with. They may spend their whole lives in regret.

Brings us back to where we started, what is that we want from life? What is that we live for?

Which of these is the right answer, I don’t know. All I know is, I have a dream and I have to find a way to fulfill it without having to stare at a mountain of loss when I turn around.



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