Monotony Personified

 So I was in the midst of watching this high rated big profile bollywood flick, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and it just hit me how we have so got accustomed to living in and also liking monotony. I say this taking in sight a lot of reasons and I am sure many will agree with me on this. For Instance this movie has nothing exceptional nor is it a story beyond the realms of ordinary. A few peppy dance numbers, splendid locations, a boy girl love story a big fat wedding, I want to follow my dreams theme and a happy ending is put together to give the audience a 3 hour and mind you an expensive entertainer. Not very different from very many movies we see, isn’t it? The amazing part in all this is that in spite of knowing all this millions of people throng the theatres and in a week the film is in the elite but not so rare now a days , 100 Cr club.

This holds true for cricket too. More than 90 % public knows and believes that more than 90% matches are fixed, but when India plays everyone follows the score updates, Everything from mobiles to computers to radio’s to TV Sets and even transistors are used to keep track of the result. Out of actual happiness or the monotonous habit we still jump in joy on the news of victory.


How many of us take a different route to go to office once in a while so we can maybe enjoy a different view from the train or a bus. All we care about is traffic and reaching late. We are settled like glue in our mundane lifestyle that even if we don’t get the same chair in office everyday we complain.

Most of us prefer to hang out with friends also in the tried and tested places because we know what to expect and what we will get out of it. A plan to do something adventurous and different rarely crosses the line of discussion. So many people even wear the same coloour tee on most days.

There is a thin line between monotony and comfort. Doing a certain kind of job day in and day out and then complaining at the end of the day is monotony. You are not sticking to the job because you are good at it or comfortable doing it but because you are so use to its set procedures and patters that stepping outside scares you. Most people choose to keep on living a boring dull life only because challenge throws up something new and they do not like changes.

Choice is something we all have and choice is something most of us refuse to make because we like the assurances and probability of not failing and not going wrong associated with routine. What we enjoy or rather pretend to enjoy is live a black and white life and then complain that my life is boring. We all know what needs to be done to add a tinge of colour, what ingredients need to be added to spice it up, but we don’t do it.

There are people who are lazy and there are people who are stuck up on comfort zone philosophy. There are also people who actually do a lot of different things and do them differently each time. Watching world cinema, visiting different places, eating a variety of cuisines’ always ready to do new things and meet new people. This kind never gets bored and hardy ever complains of monotony. There is also a 4th type where people try to break the shackles and step out but are unable to completely free themselves. Subtle stuff like wearing different colours and different style of clothing every day, not tying the hair in a simple ponytail everyday, watching a new sport to develop interest, trying out a new restaurant, going for a not so typical movie etc make them really happy.

Mundane is gloomy and dull, it makes the world look flat

A lot of things out there to explore, a little this and a little that

Trying new can do no harm, so let’s at least try.

If we don’t find it good enough, Mundane will always come by.


One thought on “Monotony Personified

  1. Thr are simple ppl in life who like to keep things steady..For them it might not be a monotony, but just things moving on as per their plan!!

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