Unavoidable Feeling

Why do I feel angry?
Its like a fire burning within.
Its like my heart is crushing
Heat and the pain engulf me
I can’t do anything.

Every time it happens.
Accepting it is all I can do.
Accompanied at times by feeling blue.
Its a choice made by others.
I only frustrated and annoyed.

They talk to me as per their convenience
Start and stop as they want.
I don’t like it at all,I just don’t
Maybe Its all in my mind.
But this is how I feel.

Why do I feel angry?
It’s just a gap of few days.
I cant seem to handle it,tried many ways.
They say I need to believe and trust them I do.
But the fear of loss and loneliness I can’t conquer.


A decade and counting

IMG00372-20120218-2026Innocent adolescence
Best describes the time of our first meeting.
I was this shy little girl and you were the new boy in town trying to fit in.
Not too fond me you were back then
I was quiet, I was shy and safe to say a simpleton.
You were introverted too.
It was your sarcastic humour that got you through.
At least I thought so then.
It was gossip not humour
That made you popular.
And that’s how we became friends.
We were even teased and I still don’t understand why.
It was a phase we both loved,we talked we shared;time just flew by.
Things became better then
You moved away
And It gave us both our very first. I miss you moment.
We talked in-depth and detail.
Shared every single event of every single day.
Lived every emotion with each other.
Our bond got stronger and deeper within.
Things changed again.
Life and struggle came our way.
We fought we argued
We misunderstood and at times we couldn’t explain.
Though harsh but honest words we made it through countless days.
In each other we always believed.
That’s why we are here today.
Things once again got a new look.
Together we grew up to write a chapter of a book.
You are fond of me now, and i feel special knowing it.
At this point all I wanna say is thank you
For being around and giving our friendship all it took.
You are about to write a new chapter.
And I am ready to be your best man in it.
This for me is another I miss you moment.
For you this is divine happiness
Cease the moment,cherish it.