Unavoidable Feeling

Why do I feel angry?
Its like a fire burning within.
Its like my heart is crushing
Heat and the pain engulf me
I can’t do anything.

Every time it happens.
Accepting it is all I can do.
Accompanied at times by feeling blue.
Its a choice made by others.
I only frustrated and annoyed.

They talk to me as per their convenience
Start and stop as they want.
I don’t like it at all,I just don’t
Maybe Its all in my mind.
But this is how I feel.

Why do I feel angry?
It’s just a gap of few days.
I cant seem to handle it,tried many ways.
They say I need to believe and trust them I do.
But the fear of loss and loneliness I can’t conquer.


2 thoughts on “Unavoidable Feeling

  1. through love of oneself,
    the self finds power,
    the power of being
    the empowerment to change,
    or the wisdom to accept.

    love yourself first,
    and this will all
    come together.

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