Heart Talk.

Every few days.
Feelin of sad & low seeps in.
For something as simple as
Seeing a movie.
I don’t have company.
Most of them I see alone.
Every new place I wanna visit.
Most people don’t have time.
I am tired of this pain.
My heart throbs with d ache.
I can no longer bear it.
Many of my small wishes
Are left unfulfilled.
I cant go out at odd hours
Like most of my friends can
Cause no one will drop me home.
Not that I can’t travel alone.
But elders are scared to allow that.
Now I don’t even feel like talking about it.
Cause I don’t see the point.
I have been alone all along.
I cant handle it any more.
All this may sound solvable.
May not look so pressing
To you.
But these are my issues.
I might come across as desperate.
But I need a partner now.
A partner for life.
Someone to fill d small gaps.
Someone to talk the unspoken with.
Someone to fulfil the desires of my body and heart.
And above all
Someone who keeps at bay.
The feeling of sad and low.


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