Surfed and Pranked

Sunday evenings means either means fun and frolic hanging out with friends or a lazy day enjoying some masala Bollywood flick on TV with family. Well in Poonam’s case neither was true. Her parents were out-of-town and on the exact same day all her friends choose to fulfill some or the other prior commitments. So there she was all alone bored out of her head with absolutely nothing to do.

With only her mobile by her side she picked it up and started fidgeting with it. She plugged in her earphones to listen to some music and started playing the one and only game she played on her phone, Subway Surfers. The game had something called as a daily challenge, which was to complete a word by collecting all its letters. The challenge for today was prank. Out of sheer boredom she went on playing and collecting the letters. She had completed P, R, A, N and had decided in her head that when she got K she would exit the game. A few seconds later she completed the challenge and then something mind-boggling happened.

The moment she collected K she heard a loud siren in her earphones and the next moment she was in one of the train right inside Subway Surfers. Not only sitting she was also driving it. She was confused and figuring out what had just happened when the mobile in her hand buzzed. She answered the call and could hear a loud and crisp voice in the earphones which now were huge headphones covering half her face. A man was giving her instructions on how to drive the train. The next thing he said startled her even more. He asked her to open a red colour box in front of her which was incidentally the fuel box. She had to refill it to avoid a halt and crash. The fuel was in a huge bottle which resembled the bottle of Benadryl cough syrup. Her confusion was increasing by the second but she picked up the bottle anyway and poured it in the red box. It was like with every drop of fuel the train got a kick and its pace increased. The voice told her to leave about 1 table-spoon in the bottle as she would need it later. She simply complied.

Her ride began and the voice told her that she would have to make sure her train bangs into the game version of her. She dint understand but just kept moving along. On the way she heard people calling out her name and waving at her. They seemed like they all knew her and everything was normal. It just kept getting weirder and weirder. After 15 minutes which seemed like the longest and the strangest 15 minutes, her earphones buzzed and the voice spoke again. He told her that the time had come and to be prepared. Before she could question the voice disappeared. In the front and she could see her game self bouncing and advancing towards the train. She tried to change the track but nothing worked. Within a few seconds, boom she banged into her and the game ended. The train came to a halt and the voice was back. He told her to drink the remaining cough syrup and then everything would be clear.

Once again she obeyed and there she was sitting on her couch staring at her mobile screen. It flashed in bold letters, congratulation you have completed the daily challenge ‘PRANK’. The headphones were once again her cute little pink earphones and she was listening to same song as she was before this bizarre incident spiced up her Sunday.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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