That’s so weird!!!

wowbadge ’5..4..3..2..1..’ , the principal yelled after storming into the classroom of standard X-C. Well these numbers are not a part of any countdown or any secret code( if they were I would not be disclosing them on a public blog), and nor was the principal Miss Helena, a crazy women to scream out the first 5 numbers just like that.

She was calling out the 5 most notorious students she had encountered in her entire career.  Sanya, Rinku, Raghav, Aditya and Farhan got up from there chairs and everybody else in the room were immediately whispering  how deeply dug their trouble grave would be this time.

Still not clear what  connect  these numbers have with these students, then read on to understand. These 5 students had named their gang  ’5..4..3..2..1..’ .  They did this because in the 7th Std in a maths class test they scored these marks out of 10.  The professor announced their marks and names in the middle of the entire class and since then they called themselves  ’5..4..3..2..1..’ 

Interesting and weird, Isn’t it?

Well the principal marched them out of the classroom and took all 5 of them to her office.  Within half an hour she assembled the entire school in the ground. After the commotion settled down she called  ’5..4..3..2..1..’  in the front.

“Once again these 5 have taken me by surprise.  This time they have outdone all their past actions and I do not know how to react or what to say.” , she  announced . Teachers and students were looking at each other with worried and surprised expressions.Miss Helena walked past all 5 of them and said” this time they sneaked into my office and removed a print from my personal laptop. They have typed a letter  and i shall read that loud now.”

“Dear and Respected Miss Helena,

We are extremely sorry for all the trouble we have caused over the past 4 years and ask for your forgiveness. Before we go out of the school we want to tell you one thing , you have taught us a lot of important lessons that we will always remember Please forgive us as we promise to use your advice in the future to ensure we do mischief without falling into trouble. Sincerely and truthfully sorry from the bottom of our hearts                                                                                                         ’5..4..3..2..1..’ “

Everybody in the audience broke into a huge laughter and applauded the members of the gang  ’5..4..3..2..1..’ The principal, Miss Helena forgave them and showered them with blessings and some wise words.

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Accidental Leak


And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. The guy standing in front of me turned around with an expression of complete shock and horror. That look of his made me feel like the anger from his feisty eyes would burn right through me and I would crumble to ashes. He then turned around and kept staring at the screen.

 I gathered some courage and tapped on his shoulder and all hell broke loose.  With a finger pointing at me, like I am to blame for whatever wrong happened with him all through his life, he started screaming at me. Somehow I managed to drag him to the side of the road so that the others could stop staring and carry on with their work. I handed him a bottle of water and after gulping it down he said, “Do you realize what you have just done can put me into a whole lot of trouble, the consequences of which can be life altering.” It was my turn to look shocked. And that’s precisely what the expression on my face depicted.

 I looked at him and said, “Mr, I do not fathom what happened with you and how I am responsible for it, but if you think I am then, I am sorry.” Once again he started shouting and said you pushed me and my finger hit the send button on that EMS (Emergency Message Sending) machine. (This was the new machine put up on roads for those who needed to send emergency emails and messages.) I still couldn’t figure out what could possibly have gone so wrong with that. This time he dragged me along and sat me down on the corner of a walk way.

 He explained to me that he was using the EMS to send an important email to his senior. He said that the mail contained answers to an all Indian management entrance exam and were meant to be confidential. Due to some technical difficulties in the institute systems they had to be sent via EMS.  I started getting slightly worried and tried to comprehend the part which went wrong. This is when he said the recipients email address was set to students and he was supposed to change it.  Now I realized that though unknowingly and unintentionally within a matter of few seconds I had leaked the answers to a top level exam.

 All this only because I was walking in haste and before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’ and given away a treasure to every student. I had given them just what they needed before a critical paper, Answers! The professor looked pale and white like a ghost albeit with a point % relief because I now understood the situation.

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The best First Date

The brand new Wankhede stadium was packed to the rafters and amongst thousands of supporters there she was jumping up and down and screaming her lungs out as India marched towards a sweet victory. She had come to see the final of the world cup with a boy called Vikrant, who she had a tiny crush on. His height and brown husky features was what attracted Tanya to him. It was her idea to go to see the match on the first date. Vik as she called him said a yes for this bizarre date because he equally loved the lush green fields of the cricket ground and on top of that he was amazed by how a girl could be such a big cricket fanatic.

Like the electrifying passion for the game was not enough, she came wearing an Indian team jersey which took Vik by another big surprise. After all he had never met a girl like her before. During the match he found himself staring more at Tanya and less at the Indian Blue brigade. He couldn’t help noticing and smiling at how beautiful Tanya looked specially her blushing red cheeks. The colour of happiness and excitement reflected directly on her face. His eyes could not afford to miss every small little reaction she gave when Dhoni hit the ball way beyond the boundary line.

The match got over in grand style when he hit that massive six and both Vikrant and Tanya danced like they had never before. Like every other cricket fanatic in the stadium they both were on the edge of their seats all throughout the match and an experience of lifetime. Vikrant was overjoyed with his different but an awesome first date. He went to drop Tanya home and from their blossomed their pink love story.


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Colours of Life


Rising sun & moonlit sky is colour.

White snow capped peaks & deep blue sea is colour.

Blend of emotions is colour.

Life & death is colour.

A brand new house is colour.

A child s painting on the wall is colour.

A wishful prayer to god is colour.

A dream a desire is colour.

Passion to succeed and grief of failure is colour.

A burning orange flame of a candle is colour.

A pink butterfly on a flower is colour.

Boy and a girl holding hands is colour.

To turn blush red with a peck on the cheek is colour.

Tears rolling down the eyes is colour.

To depart and walk your own path is colour.

Coming first in the race is colour.

To loose and lag behind is colour.

To envy and destroy another is colour.

To forgive and forget is colour.

Massacre and bloodshed is colour

Lying on the death bed is colour.

Every moment of life is colour.

Portrays every emotion and flavour.

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