Colours of Life


Rising sun & moonlit sky is colour.

White snow capped peaks & deep blue sea is colour.

Blend of emotions is colour.

Life & death is colour.

A brand new house is colour.

A child s painting on the wall is colour.

A wishful prayer to god is colour.

A dream a desire is colour.

Passion to succeed and grief of failure is colour.

A burning orange flame of a candle is colour.

A pink butterfly on a flower is colour.

Boy and a girl holding hands is colour.

To turn blush red with a peck on the cheek is colour.

Tears rolling down the eyes is colour.

To depart and walk your own path is colour.

Coming first in the race is colour.

To loose and lag behind is colour.

To envy and destroy another is colour.

To forgive and forget is colour.

Massacre and bloodshed is colour

Lying on the death bed is colour.

Every moment of life is colour.

Portrays every emotion and flavour.

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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