The best First Date

The brand new Wankhede stadium was packed to the rafters and amongst thousands of supporters there she was jumping up and down and screaming her lungs out as India marched towards a sweet victory. She had come to see the final of the world cup with a boy called Vikrant, who she had a tiny crush on. His height and brown husky features was what attracted Tanya to him. It was her idea to go to see the match on the first date. Vik as she called him said a yes for this bizarre date because he equally loved the lush green fields of the cricket ground and on top of that he was amazed by how a girl could be such a big cricket fanatic.

Like the electrifying passion for the game was not enough, she came wearing an Indian team jersey which took Vik by another big surprise. After all he had never met a girl like her before. During the match he found himself staring more at Tanya and less at the Indian Blue brigade. He couldn’t help noticing and smiling at how beautiful Tanya looked specially her blushing red cheeks. The colour of happiness and excitement reflected directly on her face. His eyes could not afford to miss every small little reaction she gave when Dhoni hit the ball way beyond the boundary line.

The match got over in grand style when he hit that massive six and both Vikrant and Tanya danced like they had never before. Like every other cricket fanatic in the stadium they both were on the edge of their seats all throughout the match and an experience of lifetime. Vikrant was overjoyed with his different but an awesome first date. He went to drop Tanya home and from their blossomed their pink love story.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda



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