“The strawberries are so hot”

The sun was setting and the tide of the waves was somewhere between high and low. The subtle orangish yellow hue of the skyline made the evening even prettier. The ambience and the backdrop was a perfect setting for a wine tasting session with a bunch of friends

 Samantha and her friends had won exclusive passes for this session through some online contest. It was 6.00 pm and 5 of them reached the pier and were escorted to their table. Donned in evening cocktail dresses and smart casual jackets the crowd looked dapper and all set with clinking glasses.

 After about an hour and having tasted 5 different wines, Samantha was in “happy high” zone. She got up and was walking towards a stall to taste yet another new wine when her eye caught a guy, a seriously handsome one walking towards the same stall. They both reached the stall at the same time. She pretended to be a novice and asked the guy to help her select the wine. Her being cute helped and he gave her a sweet friendly smile and suggestion. When she left from there she looked at him and blurted out “The Strawberries are so hot”. The guy was dumbstruck and exclaimed what? Samantha trotted back to the table laughing loudly She narrated the incident to her friends and all of them started laughing even louder. The phrase “The strawberries are so hot” was their code word to say that the guy/girl is super cute.

 Another 30 minutes or so passed and the event organizer announced that it was time for the grape crushing competition. A loud round of applause followed and the registered groups went ahead. Obviously Samantha and group had registered and were super excited to get on with it. Coincidently the handsome guy and his friends were there too. This went unnoticed till He and Samantha were pitted against each other. Till now the score was 2 all with each team having beaten the other twice.

 Both of them stepped into the huge tub and started jumping. Amongst huge cheers and claps they both held hands and started jumping higher and faster. By now even the handsome guy was out of his sense and both of them forgot it’s a competition. They continued merrily and at the very same moment something ridiculously funny happened. They both screamed, “The Strawberries are so hot” leaving all their friends stunned. Ultimately it was Samantha who fell down and the handsome guy’s team won.

 Once out Samantha somehow managed to walk up to him and congratulated him. They kept looking at each other and finally she explained to him the meaning of the nonsensical phrase. He eyes widened with amusement on hearing that she thought he was cute. They exchanged numbers and he asked her out for a dinner date .

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out themes for creative writing each weekend for Indian bloggers.


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