The Rough Side

People change constantly & instantly.
I am not the same girl I used to be.
Being quite is so familiar now.
Its difficult to talk and speak.

Sudden disappearances are nothing new.
Its the appearances that scare me now.
Its only human that I wanna be understood.
So I think my thoughts and pen them down.

A phone call from a friend gives a ray of hope.
Most times it even cheers me up.
Like a foolish girl I get carried away.
Only to meet loneliness once again.

No, not this time, this time I wont.
I won’t let the tears roll down my pretty face.
I ll be harsh and rude if I have to be.
I ll be stronger, no matter what it takes.



Who are they?
I only know people who talk when they want to. 
I have only met people who have ego s bigger than any relation.
I have only spoken to people who take others for granted no matter what. 
I have only come across people.who treat others like they are their personal puppets
Who are these people?
With passing years I have grown to believe. 
With every instance my belief has got stronger. 
It is a ship that is destined to sink.
They are people who come and go.
Find new shores only to leave later. 
I was stupid to link it to forever. 
I was a fool to attach hopes and emotions. 
It was my bad that I let it seep deep within me.
Ofcorz it was gonna be this way.Ofcorz my belief had to break.Ofcorz my heart is filled with crushing bitterness.
Why did I expect the unexpected.Why did I wish for something different?
After all the mere word has end in its end.