Who are they?
I only know people who talk when they want to. 
I have only met people who have ego s bigger than any relation.
I have only spoken to people who take others for granted no matter what. 
I have only come across people.who treat others like they are their personal puppets
Who are these people?
With passing years I have grown to believe. 
With every instance my belief has got stronger. 
It is a ship that is destined to sink.
They are people who come and go.
Find new shores only to leave later. 
I was stupid to link it to forever. 
I was a fool to attach hopes and emotions. 
It was my bad that I let it seep deep within me.
Ofcorz it was gonna be this way.Ofcorz my belief had to break.Ofcorz my heart is filled with crushing bitterness.
Why did I expect the unexpected.Why did I wish for something different?
After all the mere word has end in its end.


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