That’s life….

What meaning does life hold?
it’s abt dreams and happiness, I was once told.

Why do we run around with no peace at all.
a few tears and a few smiles is in every souls destiny after all.

we always want more, never are we satisfied.
in the journey to get more we all have cried.

simple pleasures are never enough.
we are inclined towards the harsh and rough.

Everyone is selfish, accept it or not.
Competing in a race to get the first spot.

Some stop but most of us keep racing.
In the quest for things that we think are necessary for living.

We forget to live for the dreams and happiness.
Success becomes priority, simplistic pleasures worthless.


just like that life became beautiful


When our eyes met for the first time ever.
I instantly knew we’d go a long way.
in a classroom full of empty benches.
you choose to sit next to me.
We spoke little but it was enough.
Enough to spark a fire for long.

We talked a lot and I remember all of it.
We grew closer discovering one another with each move.
Friendship turned into strong feelings.
and just like that life became beautiful.

Every day I adored your rugged charm.
Your casual demeanour always spread the calm.
With ease I would loose myself in the flow of your words.
Till you would snap your fingers and break my stare.

Today as we sit across the table.
I am nervous even after countless such dates.
For today I wanna hold you.
I wanna kiss your perfect lips and ask you.
My dear boy, will you be my valentine?