just like that life became beautiful


When our eyes met for the first time ever.
I instantly knew we’d go a long way.
in a classroom full of empty benches.
you choose to sit next to me.
We spoke little but it was enough.
Enough to spark a fire for long.

We talked a lot and I remember all of it.
We grew closer discovering one another with each move.
Friendship turned into strong feelings.
and just like that life became beautiful.

Every day I adored your rugged charm.
Your casual demeanour always spread the calm.
With ease I would loose myself in the flow of your words.
Till you would snap your fingers and break my stare.

Today as we sit across the table.
I am nervous even after countless such dates.
For today I wanna hold you.
I wanna kiss your perfect lips and ask you.
My dear boy, will you be my valentine?


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