#OhMyGod Titbits About Mumbai You Surely Dint Know

Mumbai, synonymous with the phrases “ The city that never sleeps”, “Work Hard Party Harder” is what it is today due to a lot of small but important things. No matter how tough it can get, I love it till no end. I am sure you do to, but I am also sure you do not know it well enough. So read on and know some stuff about this awesome city now.

1. Bindaas:-
We Mumbaikars are recognized for lot of things and one such thing is inventing our own version of the national language Hindi, called Bambaiyya Hindi. Oh, how we love using it, specially the bold fearless word “Bindaas”. But guys, did you know that this word which is our slang was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2005. Feeling proud, Aren’t we? So punter log, keep using it, “Bindaas”.

        Local  Heros

Local Heroes

2. Our Hero- Aamchi Trains- Mumbai Local

Everyday millions and millions of people travel to and fro via Mumbai Locals. The Dabbawallas use the trains to ensure that almost 2, 00,000 people get their lunch boxes on time. But wait, everyone knows this, after all these local are truly the lifeline of the city. There is one thing you surely dint know. These locals have never ever crashed into one another in their lifetime. The trains have never met with an accident. Surprised?? No I am not making this up, An Ex railway Employee confirmed this.

3. Cheers To 1000 weeks of Good Health
You are surely thinking, almost everything lives to be 1000 weeks old and in good health. But what if I tell you ,I am talking about a Bollywood movie. The epic story of DDLJ and the charismatic duo of ShahRukh and Kajol continue to rule our hearts and the screen of Maratha Mandir for above 1000 weeks now. We are so fortunate to live in this awesome city.

          Foot Wash

Foot Wash

4 Foot Wash
What if I told you that Mumbai actually has a place by the name of Foot Wash. Don’t believe me? Read on!.The small creek that separated the islands of Worli and Bombay was a place where people in the olden days washed their feet. This is possibly also one of the first pieces of land to be reclaimed from the sea. The place was named called Pydhonie, Py meaning feet and Dhonie meaning wash.

5 We believe in walking high
Skywalks, there is one close to practically every railway station. They are huge, skywalk
long and strong. Many of them are strong enough for cars to move on them. Trying to increase accessibility these modern day bridges have succeeded at some places and not so much at the other places, but would you believe it guys that, Mumbai is the only city in India to have Skywalks. Leaving everything aside, just how cool is that?

6 Yankee Doodle.
Everyone can sing the song “ Yankee Doodle “ but there was also an Ice Cream parlour by that name right were the grand InterContinental hotel stands tall today in the Marine Drive area of Mumbai. This awesome Ice Cream joint had the most awesome flavours, amazing sea view and comfortable seating options. I vaguely remember the orange lights that lightened up the space but I most definitely miss it.


7 Its Chic Choc Time
Everyone has surely tasted the awesome, most delicious, finger licking chic choc ice cream at Right place in Breach Candy. But did you know that before Right Place this sinful delight was available at another popular ice cream parlour Snowman’s. Well the place no longer exists but the Ice cream does. So indulge in today. You can’t afford to miss this one.

8 Home Of The Great
Who doesn’t know the great writer, author, novelist, Rudyard Kipling? Everybody does! He wrote stories about British soldiers in India and short tales for children too. One thing you don’t know about him is that he was born in Mumbai and spent the first five years of his life in our amazing city. No wonder good old Rudyard turned out to be such an awesome artist.



he was selfish
extremely self centered.
he dint trick anyone
but somehow managed to trick his destiny.
most times he got what he wanted
he dint care
but somehow managed to show concern
he always convinced her to go his way
but made sure she had a great time.
he did zillions of things to annoy her
but the same annoying habits stole her heart
after all that he knew
he still walked away
intentionally or not, she dint know
but,in spite of all his imperfections
she could never stop loving him.

A Daughters Distress

So easily you crush all my dreams.
Belittle all my aspirations in their nascent frames.
Anything I do never makes you happy.
You always draw comparisons ,making my work sound crappy.
No encouraging words at all.
Negatives and faults is the only thing I recall.
if this is your way of making me tough,its obviously not working.
Cause now I cant decide, cant do what I feel like, in the fear of you critisizing.
I don’t talk and discuss stuff with you.
What if I fail, what if I don’t do what you expect me to.
Why cant you see through my emotions and me.
I only need a little push to be what I wanna be.
I am sorry dad I cant make you proud.
I am sorry my talents are not good enough to outshine in the crowd.

8 Reasons why every girl must have a jumpsuit in her wardrobe

1.The full length ones are perfect one piece for those whose parents are against short dresses.


PS:- Don’t you worry gals ,your hot bod and sexy legs look attractive even without the short dresses.

2. The short ones look really hot and can be worn casually as well as for a party.


3 Once you are bored of it,slice it from the middle and get two brand new clothing pieces.


4. The printed ones coupled with a plain jacket or a plain suit with a printed jacket, both combos look equally awesome.


5. The long ones cover your entire body yet make you look sexy at the same time.


6. You are sure to catch a lot of eyes when you wear it. Girls will compliment you and guys, well they will look coz they are guys and just cant help.



PS:- Again those who say you are wearing a night suit are blind to trends and fashion.

7. Its an all season item. Put on heals and you are ready for clubbing. Put a loose tee over it and get a different look,pair it with peep toes or ballerinas and set off to office.


8. Available in zillion prints you can always find one that matches your skin and body tone.


Each of these reasons are enough to get a jumpsuit right away. I am on my way to get yet another one for my wardrobe…. what are you waiting for? Go shopping! Now…