A Daughters Distress

So easily you crush all my dreams.
Belittle all my aspirations in their nascent frames.
Anything I do never makes you happy.
You always draw comparisons ,making my work sound crappy.
No encouraging words at all.
Negatives and faults is the only thing I recall.
if this is your way of making me tough,its obviously not working.
Cause now I cant decide, cant do what I feel like, in the fear of you critisizing.
I don’t talk and discuss stuff with you.
What if I fail, what if I don’t do what you expect me to.
Why cant you see through my emotions and me.
I only need a little push to be what I wanna be.
I am sorry dad I cant make you proud.
I am sorry my talents are not good enough to outshine in the crowd.

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