She was at a difficult stage
Like living in the cage
she has the keys to it
No point to go to after opening it.
She sat alone all day.
Knitting dreams at times, trapped by loneliness on most days.
No one came to visit her
She dint feel like talking to anyone either.
No respect no care.
Her life was plain and bare.
She had the wings with no desire to fly
The little birdie was low with little energy supply
She was dull and almost depressed.
Hanging on by a thin string of thread.
She knew she had to stop sulking
No one would come to bail her out and kick start rolling
She promised
She failed
Tried  again.
She fell back on her words once again.
Not knowing what to do, she accepted her fate.
She had no talents, no beliefs ,no luck and no choice but to wait.

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