#DDLJ- the movie which defines romance for most of India

The love story we all love.
Raj, a vilayti munda with an Indian touch
Simren a dutiful daughter, a sweet lil dove.

They meet by chance.
Love blooms in the beautiful Euro land.
Just like that they create magical romance.

The pranks played by Raj, Simren missing the eurorail.
Coniag in the barn, hot red dress in the snow.
Each moment has left behind a lovely trail.

They depart only to meet again.
Lover boy travels all the way to his homeland
Token of love,the bell, te ne nen ten ten ten ten te nen.

The chup chup ke milna, the Beautiful indian traditions
Bauji is a hurdle but impress the rest.
The awesome mehendi song, Mandira bedi’s attraction.

Marriage is preponed, secret is revealed.
A zillion tight slaps from bauji.
He will send Simren ,Raj is convinced.

Fight sequence with the so called friend.
Hero is the winner, catches the train
Bauji lets go, Simren runs, its the end.

Story and music, songs and dialogues everything is excellanta
Bade bade desho Mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai senorita


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