Waves, Sand and the Boulder Story

Saturday evening and I desperately felt the need to find some peace and quiet. After a pretty chaotic and noisy week, this felt like the need of the hour. I craved tete-a-tere over a wine glass but it was not to be. The church tranquility beckoned me as well but somehow what I wanted refused to come my way. Finally it was a walk, some time by the sea and a phone conversation which played the role of a calmer, settling the unrest of the mind, saying the exact words I needed to hear.

While I was sitting on the pavement opposite to the sea-shore absorbing the serene beauty and soothing sound of the waves, I actually learned an important lesson. Until then I had never wondered what the waves felt on hitting the huge boulders lying on the shore. Do they think it’s a dead-end or do they think they were flowing in the wrong direction? Then a third possibility struck me and I realized the waves think neither and keep trying again and again till they can cross the boulders and seep into the sand. This made me think further, are waves and sand the eternal love couple made by nature? If yes, their’s is a beautiful story. The waves never give up and beat all hurdles to unite with their lover, sand. No wonder we love the smell of wet sand, because how can something so naturally beautiful spread anything but love?


The noises in my head started becoming fainter. I understood that all I needed was never to give up and I will find a way. Doubts remained but clarity of path and thought began to appear as well.

It was well spent 40 odd minutes and I got up to get back home. As I strolled back, the phone rang and the person on the other side was just what I needed. Thoughts translated into words and I had the talk which cleared my head further. Straight forward discussion, perfect understanding and keen listening made it super easy. The 15 minute talk and walk back sorted it all.


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