If there’s ever a guy…..

If there’s ever a guy.
If he is meant to be
He should be able to teach me how to cycle
He should inspire me to make better words in scrabble.
I should want to run the extra lap to impress him.
He should make me want to write more poems.
Poems about him and love and us.
He should get me to talk more.
And definitely make sure I keep no secrets
I should happily plan surprises
He should know me well to know I planned one.
I wanna improve and he should push me at every step.
He should be smarter than I am and playful enough to tease me about it.
Make me angry and make me cry, bring out every hidden emotion in there.
He should be proud of me and say it too.
Show confidence, gimme time, love me and hate a little too.