When Seclusion is the only choice..

Everyday she dressed in a colourful attire.
But grey defined the core of her life.
Unlike others she lived for the weekdays
Because that’s when there were people around.
Her tonic of happiness was companionship.
But alas! Her glass was always empty.
Time was one thing she had in abundance.
Most of it she spent in melancholy seclusion.
Solitude had now become a habit.
Yet she wept, buried under the pain of hopeless expectations.
She could not get herself to let go
Loneliness hit her in full force.
She kept fighting the tornado.
Frustration was building within like a lava.
The burst would set her free
But destiny said,” that’s not how it will be.”
Waiting for anger to take form of courage.
She wanted nothing but to flee away.
Mastered the act of pretense for now.
She knew how to make fake look real.


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