​The other side of HER strength

One to the outside, split from within   Her mind,  Her heart , wear more than a single skin.

Always tough for others,  her shoulders feel weighed down too.                         Wants to take a break, slow down           But no one can know, have any sorta clue.

Faces the battle, absorbs the pressure for all                                                                     Not for others,  for she is selfish               It is she who cannot falter and fall.

Not easy to impress!                                       Loves to express!

Self critiques and self doubts                       Is harsh on herself, pretty much through out.

She years, hence yells                                But her difficulties she never tells.

Walks in to conquer , she knows ahe can ‘What if I can’t?’ the thought, it crops up, again and again.

Don’t get her wrong, she ain’t in the weak quadrant.                                               She can’t settle for less, that’s her only constant.

‘Not Pretty’, she thinks.                                 ‘Not Strong’, she feels.                                   ‘Not Enough’, she says

It’s not the lack of strength, it’s Her Insecurities talking.


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