It’s your life to Live 

Because if you don’t control the steering whee of your life someone else will…. And it’s a bet no one enjoys that. Don’t let anyone else live your life for you…Take Control!

Say stuff, say it like you mean it.
Smile, smile wide …☺
Move, move around like breeze..
Sing, every word like it’s heartfelt
Bounce,. Inflict the energy!
You are meant to be you.
Love yourself!
Accept, try and be open to unconventional.
Talk, don’t shout.
Listen, listen with an open mind.
Express to communicate.
Feel bad,  say it out loud too.
Cry, no it’s not a sign of weakness!
Also empathize, establish connection.
Reach out, make the first move.
Be selfish but know selfless is good too.
Show courage, do the right thing.
Laugh, have fun
Be bold.


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