The Orange Frame

15 minutes since he placed the order
“Bhaiyya ek Orange Dena.”
He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it
To feel the chill,
All the way from his tongue to toes.

“30 rupiya”, said bhaiyya,
Handing him a glass of orange ice gola
Finally, he got his favourite summer treat
Or let’s say, Retreat.

He dipped the ice shaving,
Deep into the orange Sherbet
All the way, till where the glass ended
And took a long chuski,
Relishing the orange clad ice

With every sip, with every bite,
Feeling the joy of summer
“Bhaiyya thoda aur sherbet milega?” he asked
The flavour making him go, aahhh!

Blissful indulgence,
Savouring each chuski,
Happiness reflecting in his smile,
Captured like a piece of art,
Between the luscious Orange Frame
His lips!!



Share the Good!

Where is the good news?
Where is it hiding?

Arrested, Raped
Died. Molested
Stress, Depression
Attacks, Destruction

Is all that our eyes are forced to read
Or what our ears are forced to listen

Every headline written
Every story reported
Every article shared
Has the scent of gory sprayed on it

Is there no good happening?
Has good become an extinct species?

The answer, probably not!
The answer, it’s all around
The answer, it’s happening all the time
The answer, we need to find it.

Good, it’s just playing hide and seek?
it’s us giving the den all the time.

Look closely, and we shall find it
Oh and we shouldn’t forget to share it.
For even a tiny little piece of information
Is a happy read for our sour eyes.



This Guy Loves Mondays

Have you met Raymond?
He loves Mondays
in fact,
He waits for them.
With maximum excitement.

He likes new things
Their shine and the mystery
of unfolding and knowing them.
He loves Mondays
Monday begins a new week.

He enjoys meeting people
listening to their stories
and experiences.
He loves Mondays
Monday makes him meet people.

Chaos is the air he breathes
it takes him away
away from the haunting Sunday calm.
He loves Mondays
Mondays give him a soothing relief.

He loves a delicious meal
The aroma from numerous lunch
boxes, gives his sesnses a high.
He loves Mondays
Monday is the first day of his indulgence.

He likes to be in control,
of his thoughts, which generally
go haywire every weekend.
He loves Mondays
Mondays force him to focus and concentrate.

Have you met Raymond?
He loves Mondays.
He is one amongst us
Only that he has
Found a fresh way to look at tomorrow.

Craving Respite

The struggle went on and on.
Every day she mustered courage
From the deepest layer of her skin

Took on the day
Spent all her energy
Her inner demons

Most days were hard
Leaving her drained
Pushing her beyond limits

She had accepted the challenge
Devised ways to win too.
She marched ahead, small steps of victories.

But, just this once
She could not bear it.
Was not ready to give up, not yet
Did not want to succumb
All she needed
All she secretly wished for
Was to lie down
Give her mind some rest
Absorb the ache to rise again
She just needed a tiny
Small little break
A respite
For her skin and soul.

Happy Hour vs Happy Place

7 PM on a Friday evening
Burdened Shoulders
Dropping down with pain and stress
You are faced with a choice
A choice between two things that are Happy!

This first thing is a crowd favourite
And why not?
It allows you to rant and vent
It’s the option that makes you forget
And makes you feel brave too.
Loud laughs
Funny Quips
Friends Cheer
Snap a finger, Midnight is here.
Every time you visit
Your mind turns and twists
and, just like that
Sorrows drown deep inside
Happy Hours push your pain aside.

Option two is known by few
Possibly because, it’s imaginary,
It requires you to be vulnerable
To be able to embrace the good version of you.
This one makes you smile
Sends the feeling of joy through your soul
It shows you
Heart’s desire
Dreams you aspire
What matters at the core
Your secret, what gives you more
Every time you are here
towards a positive state you steer
and just like that
Sorrows fade away to the far
The Happy Place is a rockstar

So, it’s 7 PM on a Friday evening
Burdened Shoulders
Dropping down with pain and stress
You are faced with a choice
A choice between two things that are happy.

Happy Hour or
The Happy Place
What will it be?


Favourite Train Station


No matter the time
No matter the hour of the day
The train runs
Moving closer with every stop
Reassuring as it glides ahead
Changing tracks
Still not losing sight of the destination
Signals cause delays
Breakdowns and maintenance too
Worries me,
How much longer?
I think, I get restless.
My eyes await familiarity
The wooden benches
Candy and food stalls too
We are close now
My mind begins to relax
Within 5 mins, I will alight on secure grounds
I smell safety
A smile begins to appear
I can spot the tall pillars
Benches and bridges too
The train starts to slow
My heart is happy now
No it’s not just a train station
It feels like home

Tube Light- her 4 am friend

The sun brought along schedules and spreadsheets
Mundane as they may sound, with these, her fears she cheats.

Kept her mind occupied, her fears at bay.
Enthusiasm of meeting people, sometimes real, mostly fake, got her through the day.

Cometh the midnight, she closes her eyes tight.
No escaping the frightful fears, to the ceiling and beyond, it’s a lonely night.

Mind at unrest, body tossing around in the bed.
The possibility of this turning into a permanent scenario, she lay scared.

Rain slashing against the pane, freakish sounds abuzz, her eyes open wide
She curls up on the right, with no one to hold on the other side.

This thought of ending up alone played like a horror scene.
Few minutes, sometimes longer, never does it go unseen.

Switched on the button, the old tube light in her room shone.
Giving Ally, the comfort and familiarity of the known.

Falls into a slumber finally, in the company of the light
Its effect was dim, but it gave her a sense of might.