Book- A Loners BFF

.…... Books as they say are a mans best friend. This holds true specially  for people who have  a very limited social circle and spend most of their time alone. Solitary confinement coupled with an obvious interest in reading makes way for books in one’s life. Books become their all day long companion and act as a strong support system during the night when loneliness can assume high levels. This is not the case with all as many many people read for the joy they get out of reading.

Every time you pick up a new novel it is a different experience. Whether it is a brand new book with fresh pages or a decade old one with faded yellow pages, it doesn’t matter. By the time the page number reaches 40 your interest is definitely caught up n the plot & characters. The meticulous manner in which each detail is expressed takes you right into the situation. With every turning page the interest levels escalate and you want to go on and on reading till your eyes start drooping. The  watch shows 3.00 am in the morning and you are still reluctant to keep the book down, such is the grip and hold of those fictional characters on your mind. A few times you even wake up to a burning lamp in the morning with the book still in your hand.

After a certain point you even start forming pictures of the scenes and people described in those pages and also begin to relate their personalities to real life scenarios.  You feel a certain level of gratification once you are done with reading it.

For the companion less it is the pleasure of discovering new people to share a few days with. They tend to forget their misery  and get lost into the ideal world where there is always a happy ending. For girls , the male protagonist of the book always brings a smile and a ray of hope in their otherwise  lonesome routine. Books make the impossible, possible. Be it for a little while but they do bring excitement and passion in the lives of those reading them.

You can hold on a book or should I say a loyal friend for as long as you want. It may not utter a word or give you a shoulder to lean upon but one look at the book shelf and you know it’s still there to comfort you in a certain enchanting manner. Just a look at the worn out cover also bring back flashes of the story and your memories are revived.

Well I know that all this is far from practical and will be considered foolish by many but you ask an avid reader or a lonesome individual and then you’ll know the true worth of an old-fashioned fairy tale. A book to them is not just a mere compilation of pages. Instead it is their hope, inspiration, something which instills belief that  somewhere for them too a happy ending is scripted….