Give it up all for safety

“ We only say things, because we are worried.” Sounds familiar ? This dialogue right here and another very famous one, “You’ll understand when you become a parent.” are the two solid, fueled by emotion weapons parents effectively employ when their daughter ( sons’ are conveniently spared) acts in a manner which they think is wrong.

When a girl enters home at 11.00 pm after having gone through a barrage of calls from her mom in the past 3 hours, the first thing she gets to hear, “ you’re a bad girl.” Who cares about how her day was or what she had to leave incomplete and return home only because her parents thought it’s wrong to come late.

Why doesn’t anyone understand that if something bad has to happen it can happen in broad daylight as well. Why don’t dads remember the time when they were young and worked nights to fulfill their dreams. Why do they forget that even they hung out with friends till midnight and beyond. Why do rules change for children and why doesn’t same logic apply to parents?

It’s all okay for parents to attend weddings and social functions and return home even at 1.00 am. Does this mean that traveling in a car with parents guarantees a girl’s safety? Not so sure!! Why is it okay if a girl goes for a late night show with family but going for the same show with friends is unsafe?

If parents did get their daughter educated then why not let her decide what’s right for her? Or was the education just for the heck because for once they might let her take her own decision but seldom will they willingly respect it.  How about for once trying to understand her point of view and coming to a mid way solution.

For a lot of girls, their job is all they have got. Some are bread earners for their families while for some it’s their companion. After a certain age, friends get busy and not everyone has time for everyone. In such cases only thing that keeps that single girl going is her job. (which Bdw she is good at). She loves it and desperately wants her folks to understand it and be proud of her but that’s a rarity.

While money is the criteria, it is the secondary one. It is passion and success that she wishes to share with them but the damn safety comes in the way.

P. S. Every daughter knows that parents mean well but they have to understand, she is not going to be a 5 year old all her life and at some point they need to let go.