EMOTE- Your Emotions My Creations

Express yourself always and life will be sweet pleasurable journey to live with all your family and friends.

Your Emotions My Creations


is a service meant  to provide customized message service to people. A service meant for people to express their emotions through my words. It so happens that on many a special occasions and moments we are unable to express our real feelings to our loved and dear ones for the lack of words and most of all lack of time. At Emote, all you have to do is just tell me in simple words what you feel and I will fill in meaning to your emotions with beautiful heart touching words.

Over the years I have learnt that even a small message of appreciation, a mention of how much one is important to you every now and then, a simple sorry to accept your mistake, an assurance given in tough times can make someone’s day from worse to better.

We all comprehend the presence of loved ones in our life but more often than not we take them for granted and forget to mention their worth in the midst of our frantic schedule. We shower them with materialistic gifts but don’t realise that just words like “I Care”, can make all the difference.

Hence EMOTE, to make sure that your loved ones do not drift apart only because you could not state a mere SORRY or a straightforward I LOVE U.

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