As I Experienced it at DL&K

In a skeptic, not so confident, tentative, scared and curious state of mind I joined an organisation which was then called Digital Law & Kenneth. My first proper job and I can’t quiet understand why I choose Friday as my joining day. (Rather stupid of me,I suppose).

Anyway to carry on with the story, the first month or so was full of mixed emotions. A zillion new people, ten thousand new things to learn, a totally different ( good different i.e.) ambiance and a whole new ball game. I was now a part of the popular culture of social media. Before this Facebook and Twitter to me were platforms to have fun with friends. But now, I was a part of a team who saw these sites from a completely different angle. Posts, .engagement rate, likes comments shares. trends, ideas, campaigns all became part of my life.


A few months down the line when the acquaintance phase ended and colleagues became friends, work became fun and office hours became a lot more than ppt’s and meetings. Brainstorming sessions were more of laughter riots and less of cracking ideas. Thanks to these we did come up with some kick ass thoughts and execution too. Our team was called the Social Ninjas; our strength fluctuated between 8-13… Interns came in as fillers every now and then. A bunch of crazy peeps we indulged in mad discussions on a daily basis. Lot of breaks, watching epic hilarious videos (tapatap, Sunday morning love you) full power song bajaoing ( eye to eye, what does the fox say) and of course non stop cribbing was our agenda every day.Characters such as a metal head, baba ramanism, an accessories queen, a judgmental princess, a tube-light, a diabolic seeder, a snacks provider( that’s me, for the lack of any other suitable title), a self obsessed photoshoot lover and of course our awesome bosses adorned the team.

When our standards alleviated from the second floor den to the spectacular 3rd floor, the eccentricity escalated. It was like a classroom full of crazies meeting every day. The celebrations that took place on every big or small occasions were fantastic. I have collected some truly unforgettable memories of Halloween and Diwali. Last years Christmas and V day are equally memorable. The shift bought with it a lot more chaos and confusion, but it was an addiction I thoroughly enjoyed.


If I have to talk about work, we did lots of it. A bucketful of ideas were drained out of us every single day. Crib-work-laugh-cry-repeat was the circle that engulfed our lives.  Last minute changes were a must…

On a serious note, this workplace taught me everything I know about the business side of social media. I met and got to know some brilliant people. Their creative minds and sheer persona was inspiring and still is. How to have fun at work was another important thing I learned here..

Now that I have moved out and on with my life some place else, I miss  L&K. I can’t even begin to describe the many moments and oh so many friends that made my stay worth its while. You mad hatters are being missed.


” I dint choose to be a failure.”

She sat in pitch darkness.
In the vast stretches on a worn out park bench.
Head held in her hands.
Creased brows and teared eyes
Her face was red with fear and dejection.
A lump in her throat causing pain.
She kept uttering these words.
She I dint choose to be a failure.”
Tears and thoughts continued to flow.
She dint wanna let her parents down.
She dint wanna be incapable.
She slogged and slogged but all in vain.
Life and luck were never on her side.
She kept uttering the words.
” I dint choose to be a failure.”
She tried real hard to make her folks proud.
But could never match what her bro did.
She hung in there, fighting her own battles.
She tried to explain to them as well..
But no one understood her.
They judged her all the time.
She felt pressured,Under the scan always.
She kept uttering the words.
” I dint choose to be a failure.”
She dint earn big bucks
Felt terrible all the time.
All people saw was her failures.
None recognized her efforts.
She made sacrifices too
But still remained a looser.
She kept uttering the words.
” I dint choose to be a failure.”
No one read her eyes
but she could see blame in theirs.
Their words stung
She tried to change it all.
No one told her “Its okay”
it robbed her of her beliefs and faith.
She kept uttering the words.
” I dint choose to be a failure.”

Changing Times

They missed their carefree 20s
Back benches, mid might chats & bird watching.
Life then revolved around wishes and friendships.
The troubles were manageable and simpler.

They enjoyed luxury of free time.
Time to spend with each other, time to dream about better.
Where doing silly things was not immature.
Where their calendars were marked with fun and leisure.

They missed their carefree 20s
Because those days were never static.
They could afford to spend hours on campus
Every day had something to look forward to.

Now they were bound by mundane routine.
A part of the rat race and society cliches.
With age and time the dreams and wishes vanished.
They hoped one day circumstances would change;a foe turned friend.

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The Emotional Fool in the city of Mumbai

Its been a while since I wrote something and like each time I needed to feel inspired, I needed to feel the connection with my heart for the words to flow, I needed to empathize. Today afternoon while watching the movie “Wake Up Sid”, I found my moment of inspiration. The closing sequence of the film touched my heart and gave me a topic to write about. It was about my city , Mumbai and I am gonna write about the same. This one is special and close to me.

Mumbai_night_water There is nothing about this city that has not been said earlier.  It’s loved for its glitz, glamour, fancy and fast life, street food,  roadside shopping and of course the queens necklace- Marine Drive  that adorns the city with each sun rise and every sun set. Everyone  who has known this city, knows that it is a city of dreams. While  growing up in the city I have seen my share of dreams too.  No , I  am not going to bore you with my dreams and their success or  failure ride but yes I will certainly tell you a story.  Every  Mumbaikar has a tale to tell and here is mine.

A lot of things have changed from the days of childhood to now when I am part of the corporate structure.  My thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, dreams, wishes and even friends.  One thing that is still the same is that I am an emotional fool. I still feel bad if people don’t call me, I still  want  mom and dad to tell me a bye when they leave home , I still don’t like eating  alone, I still like to inquire if my friends have reached home after a late night outing, I still live in a fairy tale world and hope for everyone around me to be good and  last but not the least I still cry when silly emotional scenes play in the movies.

Call me dumb, call me foolish but I have realized and accepted that, that’s how I am and I don’t want to change. Most of you’ll will argue that having that deep an emotional bend will only make me weep and life will only serve me disappointment but for me these emotions translate into HOPE. Yes I get angry, yes I expect and yes I feel bad too but I ‘d rather live in the hope of a having a strong emotional connect with someone than turning into a practical numb person because the fast life of the city does not give people the time to stop, breathe and share love.

Imagine getting a promotion and no one to share with, painting a house but no one tell you how beautiful it looks, sketching a picture and no one to mock you about how bad your drawing skills are. Imagine taking a walk by the sea all alone, or enjoying on pav bhai and gola all by yourself. Most people do all of this alone and have accepted it as part of Mumbai lifestyle. People are happy with being busy and having no time to stop and admire the people who have made these dreams come true. Doing any of it alone is no fun and expecting others to do it with you is asking for too much in this crazy city of Mumbai where everyone is chasing their dreams.

My story is about hope that Mumbai has given me with its never say die spirit, a hope that millions of people bring along when they leave their homes behind and step onto VT station, a hope that someday my world will be perfect and I will decorate my house with the person I love and who loves me back. I refuse to change and put will continue to be an emotional fool who thinks with her heart.  Mumbai is a great city and I love it too. It can get harsh and cruel on you but guys don’t forget to share what the city gives you.  Don’t get too busy to make one call to a person who helped you become who you are.

After all it is those moments which are shared that are cherished the most. My heart is pumping with emotions and hope, fill your heart with these too as a hopeful life is better than lonely anything.


After a few pegs…..

The joys of insanely laughin
Its the best feeling under the sky shining.

Random stupid stories and silly talks.
Every word spoken is plain awesome, it rocks.

The high in the air and the high in the heart.
Brings out the happy,feels free, and fresh, feels class apart.

Without any music the feet dance away.
Stumbles and topples, the body swings and sways.

The laughter sounds get louder and louder.
But hey, we don’t care ,the night just got prettier and crazier.

Amongst the fun making and screaming, a lil emotion seeps in through.
After all the discussion was long due.

Everyone is amused and in deeper madness we sink.
Our life at this moment is blooming like pink.

No this aint just 2 friends talking lots.
This is the after effect of gulping down a few pegs and shots.

A decade and counting

IMG00372-20120218-2026Innocent adolescence
Best describes the time of our first meeting.
I was this shy little girl and you were the new boy in town trying to fit in.
Not too fond me you were back then
I was quiet, I was shy and safe to say a simpleton.
You were introverted too.
It was your sarcastic humour that got you through.
At least I thought so then.
It was gossip not humour
That made you popular.
And that’s how we became friends.
We were even teased and I still don’t understand why.
It was a phase we both loved,we talked we shared;time just flew by.
Things became better then
You moved away
And It gave us both our very first. I miss you moment.
We talked in-depth and detail.
Shared every single event of every single day.
Lived every emotion with each other.
Our bond got stronger and deeper within.
Things changed again.
Life and struggle came our way.
We fought we argued
We misunderstood and at times we couldn’t explain.
Though harsh but honest words we made it through countless days.
In each other we always believed.
That’s why we are here today.
Things once again got a new look.
Together we grew up to write a chapter of a book.
You are fond of me now, and i feel special knowing it.
At this point all I wanna say is thank you
For being around and giving our friendship all it took.
You are about to write a new chapter.
And I am ready to be your best man in it.
This for me is another I miss you moment.
For you this is divine happiness
Cease the moment,cherish it.

The U turn of Friendship

“Ek ladka Ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte.” The famous dialogue from the Bollywood hit Maine Pyaar Kiya, is that truth in any friendship which the two people involved in it keep on denying till one of them finds a partner. Either this happens or the involved guy and the girl become partners themselves.In both the scenarios the friendship which they shared before finding partner or becoming a couple in love themselves, changes.

The cases where they fall in love with each other are the ones that can be called the fairy tale romance with a happy ending. At some point hey realize that the tag “just friends” was only because up till now they failed to comprehend their own feelings.

The difficult ones are those in which when one of the friend finds a partner.  f

We were friends and will always be.
Only the dimensions are altered and now restricted
You are you and I am still the same me.
Only new boundaries are set, somewhat adjusted.

The friend who is left behind feels the pinch slightly more. The one who finds a new companion will actually not feel the difference at all. He/she having found a new life embraces and gets involved in it and barely gets the time to realize and comprehend the changes arising in the friendship.  The one who does not find a partner is the one who has to take the U turn and walk back.

On one hand the friend has to cope up with the redefined dimensions of the old friendship and on the other hand he/she is also expected to build up a good rapport with the friend’s partner. Every single thing from the number of times they talk in day, how they behave in each other’s presence to the content of the conversation changes. Sharing of every detail definitely does not happen any longer.

  The friend who has found a partner also finds it difficult. His/her certain actions and lack of time might hurt the friend but they are rarely intentional. He/she only does what is supposed to be done. I.e. spend more time with the partner.

The third angle which is added to the straight two way friendship brings about a lot of changes. The partner in most cases always has a problem with the closeness of the relation between the friends. Trust issues come under a serious scanner. Even if the partner and the friend do develop a healthy cordial relation, the long close relation of the friend keeps popping up at the back of the head.

Sometimes even the friend cannot get himself/herself to accept the change and end up fighting and making the situation even worse. The friend might not be able to become the second fiddle and gradually backs off to make life simpler for all 3 of them.

If the left out friend also finds a partner then the situation regains balance but if not then he/she is the one who losses out on the friendship and cannot even complain about it for the risk of being accused of immaturity and lack of understanding and support by the friend.

Situations like these are a natural occurrence. No one should be blamed. Over a period of time every close friendship involving a guy and a girl does change. It is inevitable.

Don’t give up on the friendship, restart it.
Redefine its meaning, live the change
A small talk will also be enough.
To adjust in the new limits, is the beauty of it.

P.S. views expressed in this blog are purely Coincidental. Resemblance to any person is deeply regretted.

Communication Gap

All around the globe “talking is the solution to every problem” is a commonly used phrase. Has anyone ever thought what too much of talking (only in terms of hours or days not content wise can lead to? Two friends talk day in and day out for every single day of the past 3 years and then one of them gets busy. Father and son share an amazing rapport till a certain age and then the son finds new people to talk to.  Too much talking creates dependence of one person on another and when a gap is built owing to busy schedule, circumstances etc., is what I call communication gap and is something very difficult to deal with. This is especially more stressful for the person amongst the 2 who is free. There might be situations where the free person finds it difficult to grasp and cope up with the void created. If both the people involved are busy, the gap is hardly ever noticed and then to not talk becomes a habit

Once upon a time

We had lots and lots to talk. 

Everything we shared

To hide something was a crime.


 Silly jokes and crazy banter

Understood by none other than us

Small laughs and heart laughter

All day long we could chatter.


Something went wrong, it all changed

Though we are both still here

The spark and spunk is lost

Is the situation to be blamed?


Is it possible to set it straight?

Or it’s best to leave it at chance

To be cautious from start, is that the way

No emotional attachments, is that correct?

 All said and done, the only way out is to deal with the situation when it comes. None of us can ever gauge when the relationship will blossom or wither. Having experienced this unwanted break and gap many a times myself I have learnt that you have to let the person be. You can’t force one to talk and share things with you.  After clarifying your point of view, all you can do is wait for normalcy to return. If it does not leave it that point, accept it that it was meant to be rosy only till that period.

When your friendship is in its prime phase make sure you give it your 100 per cent. Make the base strong. Gaps can cause bitterness but with time you do realize what happens does happen for the best. Also the opposite people do realize their mistake somewhere down the line. A few of them even come back into your lives and you feel like nothing bad ever happened.

Remember the good stuff and move on and always be ready to walk half way through the bridge, with a stronger cover for your feelings the second time round.

B Berries & I Phones- Communication Bridge or Gap???

   ….. to ring the bell or shout through the window to call out someone seems like an act of the past now.   The new knock is the 4 letter word PING. You Ping a person and they open the door to welcome you with a broad smile.

We owe this change in the face of communication to the smart phones that have over night turned the way we talk. Calling a person and having a tete- a- tete  either out of boredom or for any real work has reduced drastically. Everybody prefers a chat on BBM or on Whats App. This holds true even for very close friends and family, calling whom was a reason for joy earlier. The advanced features and applications these phones provide have become a new language altogether. Display pictures and status messages are updated by many the instant something good or bad happens in their life. Immediately the world knows your mental state of affairs. You are either very happy or sulking. The extent to which these convenient message services are used has surpassed casual conversations. An attempt to solve  problem of every and any nature is made using these messengers. What is overlooked is the fact that the tone and voice of the person conveying a message via these is not  audible. Hence, under most circumstances the message is misinterpreted or misunderstood creating rather awkward situations.

Even when we are out with a bunch of friends or family most of the time most of us are staring into the screen of our mobiles like some fortune is going to pop out of it and fall into our laps. There seems to be some invisible glue which keeps us attached to the phones 24 by 7. It would be safe to say that a lot of us sleep with our phones next to our pillows and check it several times in the night for a PING from a friend.

Obviously like any other thing in the world smart phones too has Pros. They have made the world a smaller place by making it possible to talk to people on the go. They have also helped us get in touch with long-lost friends and acquaintances. With access to emails  and  documents on our finger tips,corporate life has picked up pace. Exchange of pictures, files , information via these devices is easy. One can also advertise using features of the phones . From a professional point of view , yes these are benefits but because of these one always has to stay on his/her toes. To differentiate and a draw a line between personal and professional life is getting next to impossible.Thanks to these small communication dynamites, work tensions are not released even on a holiday.

So for me they are a bridge cause as much fun it may be to update sexy catchy photos and update status messages  nothing can be better than sitting with a friend or  the now rare 3 hour mid night phone call.