Capture Static and permanent are words you rarely use to describe feelings. Change is the  only thing constant. Within a blink of an eye the sun sinks and the sky changes its    colour. If you expect anything different from situations and people, you have only yourself to blame. With a movement as slight and unnoticeable as that of a finger, composition of the air changes and so do circumstances in a human life. We are like the helpless particles who just react. The part which is under our control is how we react. That is what defines us and that is what gives definition to our relations. One wrong movement and it can all shatter. Another aspect we can control is oneself. In an attempt to control others,We may cause calamities. The world as created naturally is a beautiful place and so are you when you do not try to transform your real identity. Life is not complex like math, it is a simple equation-live + let live = happiness. We complicate it by over thinking thus creating a maze.  Though its easier said then done,  this should be everyone’s funda. To interfere with nature’s laws or likewise with another humans life only causes peril. So be independent, be self driven,  let others travel their own path,  un complicate life and be alive.