The POWER of Uncertanity


If I float this question, “How many of you plan your life or at least get up every morning with the aim of getting your life in place?”, majority will answer in the affirmative.

And no, this is not wrong. In fact we have all been taught to plan our lives since childhood.
Big plans for high school, college, post graduation, job, marriage, children, travel, vacations, retirement and every other important event.

It’s like we are living from one milestone to another, celebrating each one thinking we have achieved it all and made it big.
Ups and downs are a part and parcel but in the larger picture, they seem like tiny hurdles. For most of us life is a pre-planned journey.

And then bamn, one day something unexpected happens. It could be unexpected good or unexpected bad or sometimes unexpected can’t come back from this situation.

Not all, but a chosen lucky ones are hit by the wave of uncertainty.

You might raise your eyebrow or be tempted to add a surprise emoji here but I say lucky for a reason

In living a planned life, we are not harnessing the power of uncertainty. Because uncertainty just doesn’t bring a lifestyle change, it brings along with it true freedom. It brings a new perspective.

Only those who have been subject to uncertainty, know the value of time. Only they know the true meaning of living in the moment, only they know the real pain behind giving up something you love for something that might not seem pretty at that moment but turns out to be the best phase of their life..

Until uncertainty arrives we all live in this bubble that eventually things will be okay but those who know things can change forever anytime, know how to cease the moment. #CarpeDiem

Nothing brings us on the edge like uncertainty does. With planned lives we move forward in circles but it is not knowing what is next or actually knowing we have limited time that gives us the courage to explore and live fully.

We don’t know it but not knowing actually opens up many paths from the cliche of a planned circle.

So next time if things don’t go as per plan, don’t fret. Don’t blame yourself for going off path and definitely don’t pity yourself. You never know what is around the corner.

Fearing the unknown is one lesson we need to unlearn. Leave the planning to daily mundane To-Do-Lists. Happiness lies in the unexpected.

Embrace it! Embrace Uncertainty!




The Orange Frame

15 minutes since he placed the order
“Bhaiyya ek Orange Dena.”
He couldn’t wait to get his hands on it
To feel the chill,
All the way from his tongue to toes.

“30 rupiya”, said bhaiyya,
Handing him a glass of orange ice gola
Finally, he got his favourite summer treat
Or let’s say, Retreat.

He dipped the ice shaving,
Deep into the orange Sherbet
All the way, till where the glass ended
And took a long chuski,
Relishing the orange clad ice

With every sip, with every bite,
Feeling the joy of summer
“Bhaiyya thoda aur sherbet milega?” he asked
The flavour making him go, aahhh!

Blissful indulgence,
Savouring each chuski,
Happiness reflecting in his smile,
Captured like a piece of art,
Between the luscious Orange Frame
His lips!!


For Happiness Sake

As Easy,
As switching on a button
That’s what sadness has become.

An Addiction,
The kind you don’t choose
That’s what sadness has become.

A Companion,
Who is there for you all the time
That’s what sadness has become

The sad part about sadness is
We’ve left happy far far behind
Mixing sadness in our daily grind

How did we drift to this glum side?
When we have an alternative
That is both pretty and positive

Snap your finger and turn it on
Move to the happy state, reborn!

Happy Hour vs Happy Place

7 PM on a Friday evening
Burdened Shoulders
Dropping down with pain and stress
You are faced with a choice
A choice between two things that are Happy!

This first thing is a crowd favourite
And why not?
It allows you to rant and vent
It’s the option that makes you forget
And makes you feel brave too.
Loud laughs
Funny Quips
Friends Cheer
Snap a finger, Midnight is here.
Every time you visit
Your mind turns and twists
and, just like that
Sorrows drown deep inside
Happy Hours push your pain aside.

Option two is known by few
Possibly because, it’s imaginary,
It requires you to be vulnerable
To be able to embrace the good version of you.
This one makes you smile
Sends the feeling of joy through your soul
It shows you
Heart’s desire
Dreams you aspire
What matters at the core
Your secret, what gives you more
Every time you are here
towards a positive state you steer
and just like that
Sorrows fade away to the far
The Happy Place is a rockstar

So, it’s 7 PM on a Friday evening
Burdened Shoulders
Dropping down with pain and stress
You are faced with a choice
A choice between two things that are happy.

Happy Hour or
The Happy Place
What will it be?



Capture Static and permanent are words you rarely use to describe feelings. Change is the  only thing constant. Within a blink of an eye the sun sinks and the sky changes its    colour. If you expect anything different from situations and people, you have only yourself to blame. With a movement as slight and unnoticeable as that of a finger, composition of the air changes and so do circumstances in a human life. We are like the helpless particles who just react. The part which is under our control is how we react. That is what defines us and that is what gives definition to our relations. One wrong movement and it can all shatter. Another aspect we can control is oneself. In an attempt to control others,We may cause calamities. The world as created naturally is a beautiful place and so are you when you do not try to transform your real identity. Life is not complex like math, it is a simple equation-live + let live = happiness. We complicate it by over thinking thus creating a maze.  Though its easier said then done,  this should be everyone’s funda. To interfere with nature’s laws or likewise with another humans life only causes peril. So be independent, be self driven,  let others travel their own path,  un complicate life and be alive.