The POWER of Uncertanity


If I float this question, “How many of you plan your life or at least get up every morning with the aim of getting your life in place?”, majority will answer in the affirmative.

And no, this is not wrong. In fact we have all been taught to plan our lives since childhood.
Big plans for high school, college, post graduation, job, marriage, children, travel, vacations, retirement and every other important event.

It’s like we are living from one milestone to another, celebrating each one thinking we have achieved it all and made it big.
Ups and downs are a part and parcel but in the larger picture, they seem like tiny hurdles. For most of us life is a pre-planned journey.

And then bamn, one day something unexpected happens. It could be unexpected good or unexpected bad or sometimes unexpected can’t come back from this situation.

Not all, but a chosen lucky ones are hit by the wave of uncertainty.

You might raise your eyebrow or be tempted to add a surprise emoji here but I say lucky for a reason

In living a planned life, we are not harnessing the power of uncertainty. Because uncertainty just doesn’t bring a lifestyle change, it brings along with it true freedom. It brings a new perspective.

Only those who have been subject to uncertainty, know the value of time. Only they know the true meaning of living in the moment, only they know the real pain behind giving up something you love for something that might not seem pretty at that moment but turns out to be the best phase of their life..

Until uncertainty arrives we all live in this bubble that eventually things will be okay but those who know things can change forever anytime, know how to cease the moment. #CarpeDiem

Nothing brings us on the edge like uncertainty does. With planned lives we move forward in circles but it is not knowing what is next or actually knowing we have limited time that gives us the courage to explore and live fully.

We don’t know it but not knowing actually opens up many paths from the cliche of a planned circle.

So next time if things don’t go as per plan, don’t fret. Don’t blame yourself for going off path and definitely don’t pity yourself. You never know what is around the corner.

Fearing the unknown is one lesson we need to unlearn. Leave the planning to daily mundane To-Do-Lists. Happiness lies in the unexpected.

Embrace it! Embrace Uncertainty!





All your life you give in
Give in to the wishes of those around you.
You don’t speak up
You don’t express your views.
For a strange reason it even pleased you.
To maintain cordial friendly relations for long.
Probably you thought it was the right thing to do.
And suddenly life knocks sense into you.
You want to change things.
Self respect has now assumed a pivotal role.
Being taken for granted hurts like a hard rock.
You want to lash out at others.
But this demeanor defies your basic nature.
It goes against who you were all this while.
You are not familiar with the rules of this arena.
You fear loosing anyone and anything.
But you are determined.
Is it too late though??