Fall Down In Love

I wanna fall off the balcony
Only so he can catch me in his arms.
So that our eyes can connect.
& I can feel his masculine touch.
I want him to hold me for a while.
Only so he can see me blush
So he can observe the shyness on my face.
& I get chance to gaze at him.
I want him to frown on my stupidity
Only to see his gorgeous expressions.
so that the moment lasts a little longer.
& I get time to frame a reply.
I want him to put me down and say something.
Only so i can walk away a happy girl
So I can start dreaming about him.
& our love story can begin right then.

The spirit of Mumbai

A beautiful & chilly morning.
Along with the sun, saw Mumbai’s spirit and passion rising.
The race day saw thousands on the street. 
People were up and running on their feet.

The athletes led and ran to glory.But the commoners scripted a spirited story. 
Running for fun or running for a cause. 
The roads were abuzz with cheers and applause. 

As the morning grew on and the sun shone bright.
More music & more colour appeared, making it a glorious sight.
People of all ages put on their running shoes.
Singing and egging the participants on,mumbai displayed all its vibrant hues.

Amongst all the zestful runners, I was there too.
Running and crossing kilometres, walking for the remaining few.Loved the spunk and mood on the road,enjoyed running.
Mumbai marathon you were once again simply stunning.

The emotion and joy of crossing the finish line.
The elation of creating new personal best record time.
The satisfaction of completing the race.
It doesn’t get better than this, superb till end from the base.


An Affair with Sports

A level up and Level down

The game is fluctuating and so is my heartbeat count

Pride is at stake.

The situation is make or break.

Experiencing the adrenaline rush

What will it be??

A  big win or a set back crush.

Noisy scream of excitation.

Nervous sighs of anticipation.

Clenching, Oohing, Clapping,Abusing

Only sports can get that kind of tapping and moving.

Passion rides up to the crest.

Feeling of high with ultimate zest.