Tube Light- her 4 am friend

The sun brought along schedules and spreadsheets
Mundane as they may sound, with these, her fears she cheats.

Kept her mind occupied, her fears at bay.
Enthusiasm of meeting people, sometimes real, mostly fake, got her through the day.

Cometh the midnight, she closes her eyes tight.
No escaping the frightful fears, to the ceiling and beyond, it’s a lonely night.

Mind at unrest, body tossing around in the bed.
The possibility of this turning into a permanent scenario, she lay scared.

Rain slashing against the pane, freakish sounds abuzz, her eyes open wide
She curls up on the right, with no one to hold on the other side.

This thought of ending up alone played like a horror scene.
Few minutes, sometimes longer, never does it go unseen.

Switched on the button, the old tube light in her room shone.
Giving Ally, the comfort and familiarity of the known.

Falls into a slumber finally, in the company of the light
Its effect was dim, but it gave her a sense of might.


Those Judgy Eyes

She was judged by one and all.

whether she succeeded or had a steep fall.

how much ever she tried it was not enough.

No luck what so ever, a long road rough.

She tried real hard to make it work.

To follow her heart, but she got stuck.

She dint know what to do, no one to advice.

No one she could open up to, no one wise.

For the moment she said what she felt.

The opposite side judged without relent.

A vicious circle she wanted to break.

We ‘ll all be Okay

Give your soul the wings to fly.
Let it soar up in spirit and freewill.

Take your hand forward to shake it with strangers.
You never know in which person you ll find a friend.

Let your eyes see how beautiful the world is.
Experience those small moments that make life what it is.

Let your feet run as fast as they can.
So you can witness the goodness spread in every corner.

Allow your heart to open up
for it beholds abundance of love to give.

Let the fear from within escape.
because when the time comes what has to be will be.

After a few pegs…..

The joys of insanely laughin
Its the best feeling under the sky shining.

Random stupid stories and silly talks.
Every word spoken is plain awesome, it rocks.

The high in the air and the high in the heart.
Brings out the happy,feels free, and fresh, feels class apart.

Without any music the feet dance away.
Stumbles and topples, the body swings and sways.

The laughter sounds get louder and louder.
But hey, we don’t care ,the night just got prettier and crazier.

Amongst the fun making and screaming, a lil emotion seeps in through.
After all the discussion was long due.

Everyone is amused and in deeper madness we sink.
Our life at this moment is blooming like pink.

No this aint just 2 friends talking lots.
This is the after effect of gulping down a few pegs and shots.